Why the Netherlands Could Be the Perfect Study Destination for You Where to study

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The Netherlands is a country of advanced technologies, entrepreneurs and pioneers, which gave the world many famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners, as well as many scientific discoveries in various fields. The country is among the seven largest industrialized countries in the world.


If you want to study in the Netherlands, you don’t really have to speak Dutch. In the 1950s, many Institutes for International Education (IE) were established within the country, some included in the world’s top one hundred according to QS, THE, and CVVTS Leiden ratings. Moreover, in the field of hydraulic engineering and water resources management, design, sustainable energy and logistics, Dutch universities are considered leaders in the industry. The programmes, offered by IEs, are divided into five groups, based on categories: science and technology, environment and infrastructure, agriculture and natural rResources, economics and society, and management.

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Dutch law on higher education ensures that only university programmes, which passed a thorough quality check, are considered acceptable. Due to these measures, higher education in the Netherlands meets strict international standards and has an excellent reputation across the globe.

Teaching methods

Dutch universities are internationally renowned for their innovation. A problem-based learning (PBL) is a striking example of their innovative approach to education. It is all about acquiring knowledge by solving practical problems in challenging situations. Working in groups, students decide what they already know, what exactly they need to learn, and how and where they can find the information they need to solve the problem. The work is distributed among students so that each of them takes an active part in the research. Constant communication between students and teachers encourages teamwork and developing a professional identity.


The geographical position of the Netherlands is in close proximity to many European capitals. In addition, a well-developed transport system and various discounts for students make travelling quite affordable. On the streets of Holland, one can encounter peace, confidence and tranquility. Anyone can ride a bike virtually anywhere around the country – the preferred means of transportation of the Dutch, but also the cheapest one.

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The cost of education and accommodation is relatively low

Having a special international ISIC card, foreign students in the Netherlands can get attractive discounts and special offers from travel agencies, museums, shops, restaurants and other places all around the world. Many Dutch universities offer a variety of different scholarships for their international students, which partly cover the cost of tuition and other expenses. Moreover, students have the opportunity to work 10 hours per week or three months during summer, which significantly facilitates the payment of tuition and accommodation fees.

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However, there is one factor that should be considered by students looking for accommodation. A relatively small area of the Netherlands was regained from the sea with great difficulty, and the Dutch cannot afford themselves the luxury of allocating a large amount of their land to campuses.

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If desired, university graduates can extend their stay in the Netherlands for a year to find work. Special work permits are not required. One only needs to apply for a change of residence permit.


Due to the favorable tax climate, many foreign corporations open branches in the Netherlands, where students can undertake their internship. This is definitely a great chance to establish useful business contacts and start a successful career in well-known international companies.

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