7 Must-Know Facts When Thinking of Studying in the Netherlands Where to study


by Hasret Ercisli

Starting to live/study in a country always brings some uncertainties. Although nowadays a huge amount of information can be found at your fingertips through the internet, there is no other way to learn the tricks of living/studying in a foreign country without actually doing it. You will find some useful tips in this article which can be used to adapt to the described conditions.

1. Don't wait for the last minute for your food shopping

Most of the supermarkets are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm; however it is always better to check their weekly schedule. Some supermarkets are open on Sundays. But not all of them and it changes every couple of weeks! Make sure to check their schedules from their websites before you end up standing in front of the closed one... In addition to this, although you can use your credit card for dress shopping, in supermarkets you can only shop with cash or pinned debit card from a Dutch bank.

2. Don't underestimate the complexity of the trash system

You may have been to different places for living but here in Eindhoven, you should take trash system seriously. Although the frequency depends on the region you live in, usually three times in a month you should put your trash outside. The trash system generally consists of three different categories; ordinary kitchen trash, garden trash, and used paper. And for all categories, you have to follow the dates to catch the track which will take your trash in front of your house. In this case, the best tip would be following your neighbors.

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3. Don't think that eating bread is a way to skip the lunch

When you want to have a lunch in the cafeteria of your university, you will realize that all your Dutch friends are eating bread with some cheese or ham. Don't dare to think of that they are skipping the lunch, it is the lunch. Bread is a very important part of eating habits of Dutch people.In all supermarkets, and cafeterias of your university, you will definitely see bread sections and I'm sorry to tell you but you will miss the warm foods if you are used to them.

4. Don't forget: Bicycle selection is important

It is highly possible that you will have a bike, right after your arrival. On the other hand, it is very important to buy a bike that you feel yourself comfortable with. Apart from height of the seat, be aware of that there are some bikes you should do retropedaling to apply the brakes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to ride the bike before you buy it.


In addition, to prevent from bicycle thieves, it is important to get a good lock before buying the bicycle itself. Furthermore, you may get a ticket for not having night lights, so always check the lights. You can buy a new pair for 3 Euros from supermarkets.

5. Don't hesitate to register for e-mail groups

It takes too much time and money to settle down to another country. However, you may mitigate the money part with the help of city oriented e-mail groups. There are some large e-mail groups that you can register with your e-mail account and, asking and offering the books, house materials, services, bikes etc. You can ask a friend of yours who lives in Eindhoven how to register to one of these e-mail groups.

6. Don't expect that your Dutch skills will improve soon

When one has decided to move to another country, learning the country's language is one of the first things he/she would consider. However, when it is about the Netherlands, you may only improve your English skills. Since you are coming here for education, all of your friends and people in your environment will speak English very well. Furthermore, you will witness that it is not possible to meet a Dutch person who cannot speak English at all, which is very useful for daily matters. However, when it comes to learning Dutch, it is the other way around.

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7. Don't even think it will be a sunny all day, even though sun is shining in the sky

Although the weather is generally considered as rainy, it is better to say that it is quite possible you will experience four seasons in day. Always be prepared for the rain, snow, and hail and if you see sun, enjoy it before it disappears.


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Already established in 1842, the TU Delft is ranked as one of the top universities of technology world-wide. It offers excellent education and research standards and maintains close links with national and international industry, enabling outstanding career prospects for its graduates. The TU Delft is highly international – about 30% of the Master’s students are coming from outside of The Netherlands. Besides classical Engineering disciplines, innovative inter-disciplinary programmes such as Sustainable Energy Technology are offered.

Located in Rotterdam, the Erasmus University bundled their education and research in the three domains Economics and Management, Medicine and Health Sciences and Law, Culture and Society where it gained national as well as international reputation. Among the over 50 Master’s programmes offered, you can find popular programmes such as International Management or Business Administration as well as highly unique and specialised programmes such as Chinese Economy and Business for example.

The VU University Amsterdam is consistently listed among the world’s top universities and is located right in the middle of the most dynamic and fast-growing business districts in The Netherlands. The university puts a strong emphasis on a personal approach and offers individual supervision and education in small and highly interactive classes. Various Master’s programmes are offered in the different departments, among others Computer Science, Social Psychology or Linguistics for example.

The University of Twente describes themselves as an entrepreneurial research university and offers education in a wide range from public policy studies and applied physics to biomedical technology. Close links to industry, business, knowledge centres and partner universities guarantee very good career perspectives. Over 100 start-up firms currently operate from the UT campus which offers a perfect environment and various support to start your own company. More than 30 Master’s programmes are offered – among them Chemical Engineering, Business Information Technology or Industrial Design Engineering for example.

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