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Florida, United States

Miami at a glance

Miami, Florida, in the United States provides attractive study destinations in a major American centre of finance, culture, entertainment and international business. Choose a degree abroad in Miami, one of the richest cities in the U.S., with a Spanish-speaking majority that gave the city the nickname “the Capital of Latin America”. Enrol in a study programme in a tropical destination where there’s never winter.


Studying in Miami

The diverse education offer aims to address the needs of a wide palette of international students and provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in English but also, in many cases, in Spanish.

Find a top Master’s in USA, such as a high-quality Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Arts (M.A.) or one of many MBA study options. Choose graduate courses in business administration, accountancy, history, chemistry, physics, psychology, social work, and many more.

Online Bachelor’s programmes are available together with regular Bachelors in Miami universities or seek other courses such as associate degrees, postgraduate diplomas and certificates, PhD programmes. Students who do not meet basic U.S. enrolment criteria will find plenty of foundation and undergraduate pathway programmes to prepare for a successful Bachelor’s education. Specialise in minors and majors in wide interest disciplines such as: law, computer science, economics, electrical engineering, life sciences, political science, statistics, journalism, and more.

Choose from university short courses that focus on specific topics or offer introductions to help students decide if they want to pursue a specific topic in detail.


Career opportunities in Miami

The city serves as the headquarters for many companies’ Latin American operations due to its proximity to Latin America and the Latin influence in the city. Miami is also a large shopping port with great international connections. Its important party atmosphere means that the entertainment industry is very developed with a lot of record companies.

The city also features the largest concentration of international banks, and many large national and international companies. Other major industries in the city are television production, construction, real estate, finance, trade, logistics, tourism.

Company headquarters based in the Miami area include Bacardi, Burger King, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Telemundo, U.S. Century Bank, Sedano’s, etc. Other companies in Miami who operate are bases of operation for Latin America: American Airlines, Cisco, Disney, Exxon, FedEx, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Wal-Mart, Visa International etc.


Miami city life

The famous beaches are some of the biggest attractions for international students coming to study abroad in Miami, including the beautiful Miami Beach or the legendary South Beach. A flexible university schedule is a great chance to take Fridays off for long fun weekends.

You can admire the impressive skyline from scenic boat tours or on foot. Major attractions to visit include:

  • Star Island
  • Venetian Islands
  • Port of Miami
  • Freedom Tower
  • Little Havana or Little Haiti
  • Coconut Grove

Miami is also well known for its nightlife and party atmosphere, with lots of clubs and bars all over town. Enjoy the international party feel, from Argentinian tango bars to Turkish or Indian restaurants, and plenty more. The music scene is as varied as the population including: conga, rumba, merengue, samba, reggae, disco, dance, electro, indie, and others

Miami has an important culture focus on college American football, and you’ll be able to attend many such events without having to worry about the bad weather. Professional sports teams in the city include the Miami Dolphins (NFL), Miami Heat (NBA), Marlins (baseball), Panthers (hockey).

The diverse wildlife is also an important aspect of Miami life. You can visit aviaries, aquariums, marinas, and lots of parks including Bayfront Park, Bicentennial Park, Tropical Park, or Peacock Park.

International atmosphere in Miami

Miami is nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America" and is the second largest U.S. city with a Spanish-speaking majority. Cuban immigrants also form a large part of the city’s inhabitants.

Virtually all sun lovers in the U.S. and from all corners of the globe make Miami a global vacation destination ensuring a highly cosmopolitan environment. Over the years the Port of Miami, has been known as the "Cruise Capital of the World", connecting with the rest of America as well as the rest of the world.

You will be surprised by the great number of international visitors coming from every different nation, including such locations as South America, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, India, China and other parts of Asia.

Weather Miami

While studying in Miami expect hot humid summers and hot drier winters. Lows occasionally fall little below 10 °C (50 °F). During the wet season, temperatures range 29-35 °C (80-90°F). Miami has never recorded any snowfall. Hurricane season officially runs from June through November.


Accommodation costs in Miami

Accommodation options for students include:

  • Student dorms – most affordable type of accommodation
  • Single rented apartment – 1100 USD/month
  • Three-bedroom shared apartment – 650 USD/person/month
  • Homestay – live with an American family, with two meals a day included 450 – 580 USD/week
  • Hostels

Living costs in Miami

Miami is not a cheap American city. Living costs here range from 1000 – 1120 USD/month for international students. The money you’ll need for grocery shopping amounts to around 340 USD/month. Utility costs generally amount to around 150 USD/month in Miami.

Universities in Miami

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