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Lancaster at a glance

Lancaster is a Roman town where students can spend their free time socializing in bars, clubs and shops or admiring the impressive buildings, lawns and flower beds. Lancaster means castles, culture and a strong connection to royalty. Earn a degree abroad in the United Kingdom and enjoy the privilege of being among international students who study in Europe, in a friendly environment!


Studying in Lancaster

Lancaster is a student-friendly town that can help you earn your Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, without integration difficulties. The educational offer includes undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees, in full time or part time versions, as well as continuing professional development courses. University short courses can also be found, in fields such as psychometric assessment service.

The most popular fields of study in Lancaster universities are finance, European languages and culture, engineering, business management and nursing. If you are looking for a graduate school abroad, your possible future Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree is waiting for you with specializations that relate to management, education and counselling and even areas of medicine. MBA study programmes in Lancaster have a problem-based approach, with case studies and a focus on reflective analysis.

Research is an important aspect of applying to a Bachelor’s of Master’s programme in Europe at one of the universities and it focuses on international law, technology enhanced learning, medical research, quantum technology and much more

On campus facilities cover all aspects of student life, including easy access to the town centre, a professional studio theatre and sports fields. In some cases, the universities also offer free online degree courses in an intensive regime.


Career opportunities in Lancaster

Employability has a high rate among graduates from Lancaster. Since it was declared a service – oriented city, the most common commercialized products are animal food, textiles, chemicals, papers, synthetic fibre, farm machinery and mineral fibres.

Lancaster recently knew a development in the technology area since IT and communication companies started to invest in the area.


Lancaster city life

The vibrant life of Lancaster is emphasized by the boutiques and galleries, shopping streets and events about poetry, storytelling, science, technology and ecology.

Students are thrilled by life in Lancaster, especially since the atmosphere is vivid and, in the same time, warm and safe. Also known as a “small town with a big story”, Lancaster has one main attraction with a special place in England’s history: The Lancaster Castle. Its construction date is not totally known, but the site was once also a prison, a county council and a crown court.

The cultural part of Lancaster is visible especially at the Lancaster City Museum, the Lancaster Maritime Museum and the theatre known as the Duke’s Playhouse. Also, the Great Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in England and the third oldest of its kind in the entire Britain.

International atmosphere in Lancaster

Lancaster is known for its welcoming attitude. Locals keep alive the small town feeling and are open to tourists from everywhere. Students integrate rapidly in the community and enjoy spending time with locals and sharing stories about the town.

Tourism is an important industry and a part of the local history, since past visitors include names such as King John, Prince Louis Napoleon, Queen Victoria and Price Albert, along with the Royal Children, George V, the King of Saxony and Crown Price of Prussia and Queen Elisabeth II.

Weather Lancaster

The climate in the U.K. is balanced between the four seasons, but without reaching extreme temperatures. Rain may appear at times. Temperatures are around 0°C (32°F) in winter and 20°C (70 - 80°F) in summer.


Accommodation costs in Lancaster

Students have, at their disposal, accommodation services in university campuses or residences, as well as in shared or private rental apartments.

  • Rooms in campuses promise quality and have an approximate price of 500 EUR/month.
  • A 3-rooms apartment, that can easily be shared costs between 836 and 910 EUR/month, depending on their location.
  • A one-room rental apartment reaches up to 680 – 760 EUR/month.
A basic utilities-invoice is around 185 EUR/month.

Living costs in Lancaster

Average living costs for undergraduate students in Lancaster average 780 EUR/month, if rent is provided by the university. Keep in mind that if you consider renting a room in the city the living cost will likely increase with a few hundred EUR/month. A public transport pass in Lancaster usually costs 74 EUR/month.

Universities in Lancaster

Lancaster University is an internationally highly-ranked leader in the provision of inspiring teaching and research. Located on a beautiful campus in the North West of England, the University places great emphasis on a strong student experience and employability and gives students access to academics who are experts in their field.

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Launched ten years ago as the University of Cumbria, we are founded on the experience and tradition of well over 150 years of higher education. We are a growing, multi-campus university home to over 10,000 students that aims to provide you with skills to set you apart in the jobs market.

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Lancaster University Management School has some of the world's highest-ranked programmes in business and management. Whether you are just starting out, or already have extensive experience in industry, we have programmes to take you to the next level.

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