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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is by definition a general management degree designed to educate students in areas such as finances, human resources, marketing, strategy and operations management. What sets MBAs apart from regular Master programmes is the characteristic of peer-to-peer education involving successful business people and the networking among the students from diverse backgrounds.

The MBA aims at a well-rounded business graduate, and not an expert in just one single aspect. In contrast to classical Master of Science or Master of Arts programmes that are usually consecutive to an according Bachelor's programme, the MBA attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines.

Besides, a MBA programme usually requires several years of work experience and can thus not directly started after graduating from a Bachelor's or other Master's programme.

Studying in Hungary

Situated in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe and in the world. If you haven't heard about the famous Balaton lake or the thermal water cave system, you have at least hard of the beauty of its capital Budapest and about the delicious Hungarian cuisine.

3 Master of Business Administration Master's degrees in Hungary

M.B.A. Master in Business Administration

The unique Master in Business Administration programme from International Business School is a transformational experience which aims to develop essential professional and soft skills to nurture leaders of the 21st century.

Postgraduate Programmes
M.B.A. Business Administration (MBA)

The Full-Time MBA program is designed specifically for International students and Hungarians looking for a truly global education experience. Every past and present student who attended or is a current student at the Corvinus full-time MBA program is extremely satisfied with their decision to study their MBA at Corvinus.

Faculty of Business Administration
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA

Participants of our Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA Program offered by Corvinus University of Budapest will be furnished with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate a unit of a larger organization through the stormy waters of today's business world. In order to achieve this ultimate goal, we have invited representatives from cutting-edge Hungarian and multinational corporations to the Curatorium of Corvinus School of Management. Their insight and expertise ensures that our students learn what is really needed to succeed in their professional careers. These close ties and Corvinus´ wide-ranging partnerships with the business community constitute a solid background of professional expertise, funding and career opportunities for our graduates.

Faculty of Business Administration