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The Master of Arts (M.A., Magister Artium) is the most common Master's degree besides the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and nowadays awarded by most universities in Europe as well as world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Magister and Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus. The study duration of a Master of Arts programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered.

According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved. A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. The Master of Arts is typically awarded in fields such as languages, history, geography, philosophy, fine arts but also social sciences and has thus an overlap with the Master of Science.

In order to receive a Master of Arts, the completion of a dissertation based on independent research is usually required besides the completion of courses.

Studying in Sweden

Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking, and this reputation is cemented with nationally certified degrees and rigorous quality control. As a country, Sweden is an open and multicultural society with a long tradition of welcoming international students.

76 Master of Arts Master's degrees in Sweden

M.A. Master Programme in Design Change

The Master Programme in Design + Change is an advanced-level two-year programme within Design, the main field of study. The Master Programme in Design Change is offered by Linnaeus University.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
M.A. Interventions in Childhood

The Master’s programme Interventions in Childhood is an interdisciplinary education focusing on effective interventions for children in need of support — beyond what is normally provided to all children. This Interventions in Childhood programme is offered by Jönköping University.

School of Education and Communication
M.A. Euroculture

The Master Programme in Euroculture at Uppsala University offers great opportunities for those of you interested in understanding and helping to shape the future of European integration. 

Faculty of Theology
M.A. Early Modern History

The Master Programme in Early Modern History at Uppsala University aims to provide students with a greater appreciation and understanding of the late Medieval and Early Modern world (roughly 1350-1850) along with the theoretical and research skills needed to conduct independent historical research.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Textile Management (MS)

The Master of Arts Programme in Textile Management (MS) from University of Boras shall constitute a national resource that is universally attractive. The Programme shall make it easier for students to progress into advanced work and development management positions, preferably within, but not limited to, the textile industry and trade.

The Swedish School of Textiles
M.A. Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change

Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change is a full-time programme at Linköping University that focuses on intersectional gender, i.e. gender in interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials such as ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, age, (dis)ability etc.

Linköping University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences
M.A. Language and Linguistics (Rhetoric Specialisation)

Lund University offers you a unique opportunity to pursue advanced studies in Language and Linguistics (Rhetoric Specialisation) at Master s level. The Centre for Languages and Literature offers students access to the most modern resources for research and education.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Leadership for Sustainability

This multidisciplinary Leadership for Sustainability Master’s degree programme at Malmö University provides in-depth knowledge on sustainable development and sustainability leadership. The programme provide students with an understanding of organisation and leadership theory in the context of sustainability. It also provide students with an understanding of research methods for sustainable decision-making.

M.A. Political Science - International Politics

In the contemporary global world, international politics faces enormous challenges to cope with issues such as poverty, terrorism, conflicts, human rights, economic development, displacement, migration, segregation and the global environment. This makes the study of international politics a unique and exciting challenge.

Programmes in English
M.A. Language and Linguistics (Romanian Specialisation)

The objectives of the Language and Linguistics (Romanian Specialisation) programme from Lund University are to increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of language in its broad sense and theoretical understanding of linguistic issues.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Humanities - Cultural Heritage and Sustainability

The Master Programme in the Humanities, specialising in Cultural Heritage and Sustainability, provides you with the analytical skills needed to manage cultural heritage in our increasingly complex, globalised and diversified world. The Humanities - Cultural Heritage and Sustainability programme is offered at Uppsala University.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Archaeology - Theory and Practice

This Archaeology - Theory and Practice programme at Lund University combines high scientific and theoretical standards with intensive practical training within Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museology. You will be trained in how to excavate and document the past, how to preserve artefacts and buildings and how to communicate your findings and research results to a wider audience.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Ethnic and Migration Studies

The Ethnic and Migration Studies programme at Linköping University welcomes students of different academic backgrounds to develop a critical and transdisciplinary understanding of ethnicity and migration, integrating the humanities and the social sciences. It is set in an international community of students and faculty with numerous visiting researchers and academic activities.

Linköping University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences
M.A. International Humanitarian Action

The Master Programme in International Humanitarian Action delivered by Uppsala University is a multidisciplinary and inter-university programme that provides high-quality academic education and professional competences for a career in humanitarian action, emergency and disaster relief, and development at both national and international levels.

Faculty of Theology
M.A. Language Technology

The Master Programme in Language Technology at Uppsala University is intended for you who are interested in working with computer systems possessing an ability to process human language in intelligent ways. You are welcome to the programme also with a purely humanistic background in linguistics or a language studies. 

Faculty of Languages
M.A. Political Science: Global Politics and Societal Change

The master program Political Science: Global Politics and Societal Change at Malmö University aims towards you who are interested in global political issues. You will learn how an increasing complex world, where the global and the local meet, presents us with new challenges and opportunities.

M.A. Gendering Practices

The aim of Gendering Practices at the University of Gothenburg is to offer advanced knowledges in the interdisciplinary field of Gender Studies.The content of the programme will prepare students for an international labour market that increasingly requires advanced knowledges about – and critical perspectives on – power relations, equality work, and social and cultural norms.

The Faculty of Arts
M.A. Applied Cultural Analysis

The Applied Cultural Analysis programme at Lund University aims to develop and deepen students’ knowledge and skills within the field of applied cultural analysis. It emphasises the use of ethnography and cultural analysis as a means of helping organisations and businesses to develop their services and products as well as finding solutions to problems they may face as an aspect of their daily activities.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Linguistics: Language and Society

The aim of the Linguistics: Language and Society programme at Malmö University is to equip you with the skills necessary to tackle some of the challenges that modern societies are facing, through an awareness and knowledge of the power of language, as well as critical analytical tools that can unravel ‘the veil of language’ and expose the structures that shape our thinking.

M.A. Asian Studies

The Master’s program in Asian Studies at Stockholm University is an interdisciplinary program that provides in-depth knowledge of the Asian languages and cultures, with its main focus on Japan, China and Korea.

Department of Linguistics
M.A. Applied Ethics

The Applied Ethics programme at Linköping University offers a complementary education on master’s level in applied ethics for students already holding a bachelor’s degree in different academic fields, from philosophy to health and technology, or a professional degree. The aim of the programme is to offer students the opportunity to pursue advanced studies in applied ethics.

Linköping University - Faculty of Arts and Sciences
M.A. Fine Arts

The MFA programme at the Royal Institute of Art focuses on the development of an independent and reflexive artistic work capable of critically engaging in the production of art within an international context. Artists on the programme gain decisiveness in their practice based on the broadest conditions available for experimentation, knowledge production and artistic research.

Fine Art
M.A. Tourism

The two years’ Master's program offered by the Department of Tourism Studies and Geography is developed in cooperation with ETOUR, a leading tourism research center in Northern Europe. The Tourism program is offered at Mid Sweden University.

M.A. Adult Learning and Global Change

The Adult Learning and Global Change programme at Linköping University is intended for students who wish to understand adult learning in the framework of global change. The content will benefit people working in formal, as well as informal, educational settings, such as business and industry, activist organisations, government institutions or administration, non-governmental organisations.

Linköping University - Faculty of Educational Sciences
M.A. Humanities - Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

The Master Programme in the Humanities, specialising in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, gives you a broad education in the history, archaeology, art, religion and philosophy of the Ancient World. The Humanities - Classical Archaeology and Ancient History programme is offered at Uppsala University.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Outdoor and Sustainability Education

The Outdoor and Sustainability Education programme at Linköping University provides students with knowledge and understanding of how outdoor studies can enhance learning and contribute to better health, a sustainable development and an active citizenship.

Linköping University - Faculty of Educational Sciences
M.A. European Studies

European Studies is an interdisciplinary Master´s programme at Lund University with a unique perspective on Europe. The program specifically targets those who are interested in understanding Europe from a broader, humanist, point of view and who want to apply this perspective in careers related to European cultural and identity politics and Europe-wide communication. Our focus lies on culture, identity and communication, addressed with both theoretical sophistication and career pragmatism.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Media and Communication Science

Are you highly motivated to specialize further in your field academically? Our Master by Research programme in Media and Communication Science at Mid Sweden Universityoffers an individualized programme, which targets students interested in developing skills and knowledge for a future career in academic research or in industrial or public R&D.

M.A. Media, Communication and Cultural Analysis

In the information society, knowledge in the field of media and communication has multiple uses. Within the creative industries, skills in the analysis of media processes are by now recognised as crucial. Within academic studies, the development of the media is linked to some of the most urgent questions within the humanities and social sciences.

School of Culture and Education
M.A. Human Ecology

The Master's Programme Human Ecology at Lund University is aimed at students who wish to gain advanced competence in Human Ecology. Examples of professions include education, journalism, environmental management, work in government and international agencies and development aid. The programme also prepares students for postgraduate studies.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.A. Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Holocaust and Genocide Studies programme at Uppsala University is a dynamic field of research and education of the highest international relevance. The goal of this Master of Arts from Uppsala University is to give you the ability to understand and analyse independently the phenomenon of genocide, and episodes of genocidal violence in their historical and cultural contexts.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Journalism

The International master’s programme provides a global perspective on journalism, investigating the role of journalism in different media systems and social and cultural contexts. Key areas in the program are journalism cultures, press freedom, mediatised international conflicts and war coverage.

School of Social Sciences
M.A. English

The Master Programme in English at Uppsala University aims to deepen your knowledge of the literature and history of either Britain or the United States, or of the English language.

Faculty of Languages
M.A. Joint Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice

Careers in music are more flexible and international in scope than ever before. Increasingly, musicians are collaborating with practitioners in other arts and societal cross-sector settings. The challenges of todays music industry require a musician that is capable of working in a variety of contexts. The Music Master for New Audiences and Innovative Practice is designed to meet these demands.

M.A. Global Environmental History

Global Environmental History programme at Uppsala University is an interdisciplinary field where the complex relationship between man and nature over time and space is at the centre. This programme from Uppsala University focuses on the historical changes, events, debates and analytical perspectives that have impacted and shaped the link between man and nature.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Social Analysis (MS)

In this Social Analysis (MS) program from Örebro University you will develop advanced analytical skills for the study of important contemporary social problems. With such skills you can work on social issues in both the private and public sector, and are competent to study at the PhD level.

M.A. Religious Studies

As a degree project you write a thesis that shows that you can work independently according to a scholarly method. You choose the subject from one of the following fields: Christian Studies, Exegetics or Religion, History and Society. Religious Studies is offered by the University of Gothenburg.

The Faculty of Arts
M.A. Religious Roots of Europe

The Religious Roots of Europe programme from Lund University is a two-year Nordic Master´s programme offered by the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University in cooperation with the universities of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Humanities - Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology aims at providing a better understanding of people — why they are who they are and do what they do; how they think; how they talk, eat, fight, love; and how they organise themselves socially, politically, and in relation to things like gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity and inequality. The Humanities - Cultural Anthropology programme is offered at Uppsalla University.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Music, Symphonic Orchestra Performance

The Academy of Music and Drama (HSM) at the University of Gothenburg in collaboration with Göteborgs Symfoniker (the National Orchestra of Sweden) have launched a unique two-year Master´s Degree programme in orchestra studies.

Faculty of Fine Applied and Performing Arts
M.A. Middle Eastern Studies

The two-year international interdisciplinary Master’s pro­gramme in Middle Eastern Studies at the Centre for Mid­dle Eastern Studies (CMES) in Lund University offers highly qualified students an opportunity to become experts on the Middle East.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Humanities - Musicology

The Master Programme in the Humanities, specialising in Musicology, will give you the analytical, theoretical and professional tools for a future career in many parts of the music and culture sector. The Humanities - Musicology programme is offered at Uppsala University.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. New Performative Practices

The Master Programme New Performative Practices offered by Stockholm University of Arts is aimed at experienced, practicing performers from diverse fields. Performing artists are given context and support to engage with their own performative practices as well as tools to further their research.

Department of Dance
M.A. English - Transnational Creative Writing

Within the Master’s Programme in English - Transnational Creative Writing, offered at Stockholm University, you will develop advanced writing and analytical skills for the study of writing craft and art, as well as publishing industries.

Department of Linguistics
M.A. Journalism Connected (MS)

A one-year Master's program with 60 ECTS credits from Örebro University, Journalism Connected (MS) is a program designed for newcomers to the field of communications and journalism.

M.A. Modern History

The Master Programme in Modern History at Uppsala University will provide you with knowledge of, and insight into, the modern world. The programme will give special consideration to the 20th century until today, with some attention to the 18th and 19th century background.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Film and Media History

The Film and Media History programme at Lund University provides film studies and media history students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary specialisation. The name of the field, film and media history, underlines that the media manifestations studied are placed in a historical and therefore social, cultural and political context.

Faculty of Humanities and Theology
M.A. Sociology of Education

Education, and the way students should be educated, is a heavily debated and political subject. The Master Programme in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University focuses on the analysis of what education really is and what functions it fulfils. 

Faculty of Educational Sciences
M.A. Humanities - Archaeology

Archaeology is the only field within the humanities covering all of human history. The Master Programme in the Humanities, specialising in Archaeology, lets you analyse historical processes and phenomena. The Humanities - Archaeology programme is offered at Uppsala University.

Faculty of Arts