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The Master of Research (MRes) is an advanced postgraduate research degree mainly popular in the UK. It is awarded in a specific academic discipline that can be also reflected in the full degree name (e.g. Master of Arts by Research).

Master of Research degrees are relatively new but getting increasingly popular. In contrast to other Master's programmes such as the Master of Science or Master of Arts, the Master of Research is especially focused on preparing students for doctoral research.

The programme structure is hence usually more flexible and involves a comparably large dissertation based on independent research or a practice-led research project. The Master of Research can be similar to a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and be awarded to students on the way to / instead of a Ph.D.

Studying in United Kingdom

The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

485 Master of Research Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Res. Finance and Management

The MRes in Finance and Management degree at SOAS University of London is unique in two respects. First, it combines a broad based training in quantitative and qualitative research methods used in financial and management studies. Secondly, the qualitative and quantitative research methods introduced can be applied in the context of developing and emerging economies.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
M.Res. Smart Cities

The MRes in Smart Cities focuses on the core research challenges that relate to the infrastructure of smart cities from their operational functions and planning through to management and control and optimisations to explore the notion of a city as a laboratory for innovation.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Res. Synthetic Biology

UCL is recognised as one of the world's best research environments within the field of biochemical engineering and synthetic biology as well as biological and biomedical science. The Syntethic Biology programme is offered at University College London (UCL).

Department of Biochemical Engineering
M.Res. Historical Research

The MRes in Historical Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London equips students with a range of specialist and transferable research skills, as well as an understanding of theoretical approaches to history.

Institute of Historical Research
M.Res. Latin American Studies

The MRes in Latin American Studies from School of Advanced Study, University of London is a specialised degree that provides a unique opportunity for students interested in Latin American history, anthropology, geography, and culture to broaden and deepen their knowledge of Latin America and to develop an independent research project on a topic of their choice. 

Institute of Latin American Studies
M.Res. Modern Languages

The Master of Research in Modern Languages at the School of Advanced Study, University of London is offered to students who would like specific training for postgraduate research in modern languages aiming ultimately at a PhD, or who wish to take a challenging end-stopped Master’s. The core course offers a distinctive element of translation theory in addition to research skills and training.

Institute of Modern Languages Research
M.Res. Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation

The MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) started in September 2011. The course is designed to reflect the latest developments in spatial data analysis and visualisation reflecting CASA's reputation in the fields of geographic, urban and architectural information systems. This innovative course provides an exciting opportunity to study at UCL with an MRes acting as a pathway to a PhD or further career in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV).

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
M.Res. Psychology

The Psychology programme is offered by Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics. It covers: the critical appreciation of existing research and research methods in a chosen research area; designing, managing and reporting on an extended research project; and subject-specific IT skills.

Postgraduate courses
M.Res. Information Technology

The University of Exeter's Information Technology programme will give you a broad-based knowledge of the use of research methods in the social sciences, as well as core research training in social scientific philosophy and methodology within a contemporary sociology context.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.Res. Transnational Writing

The Transnational Writing program offered by Bath Spa University introduces the concept of transnational research and creativity, exploring its application as a mode of cultural production. It considers engagement with other art forms, approaches to creative writing, fieldwork and a diverse contemporary context of international creative expression as the basis of research.

College of Liberal Arts
M.Res. Health Science

The University of Exeter's MRes in Health Science aims to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the social, biological and environmental drivers of individual health behaviours and interventions appropriate to develop health and wellbeing.

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
M.Res. Legal Practice

The University of Exeter's MRes in Legal Practice is a research training Masters programme which provides rigorous training in socio-legal research skills to enable you to carry out doctoral level research using legal and socio-legal methodology or, alternatively, to embark on a career as a specialist socio-legal researcher.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies
M.Res. Engineering

The Master of Research (MRes) Engineering programme provides specialist study for graduates intending to work in research and development environments in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. Engineering MRes is offered at London South Bank University.

M.Res. Electronic Engineering - Polymer Electronics

The Electronic Engineering - Polymer Electronics programme at Bangor University provides a dedicated route for high-calibre students who (may have a specific research aim in mind) are ready to carry out independent research leading to PhD level study or who are seeking a stand alone research based qualification suitable for a career in research with transferable skills for graduate employment.

School of Electronic Engineering
M.Res. Global Migrations and Social Justice

This Master Degree in Global Migrations and Social Justice programme at University of Glasgow examines global migrations and social justice by addressing questions such as who moves and why, who is allowed to settle and where, what are the roles of states, institutions and civil societies in these processes. 

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Electronic Engineering

The School of Electronic Engineering at Bangor University houses academics, researchers and students of international standing.

School of Electronic Engineering
M.Res. Advanced Visualization, Virtual Environments and Computer Animation

The Advanced Visualization, Virtual Environments and Computer Animation course offered at Bangor University aims at providing computer science graduates with the knowledge and skills to specialise in advanced computer graphics principles and practice, as well as gaining exposure to research activities in this field.

School of Computer Science
M.Res. Philosophy by Research

A one-year, London-based MA programme of ten evening seminars and individual research led by Professor Roger Scruton. Offering examples of contemporary thinking and including lectures by internationally acclaimed philosophers, the purpose of this programme to give an overall survey of Philosophy and topics that are central to the interaction of philosophy and life.

School of Humanities
M.Res. Forestry Management

Interest in forestry and forest products has never been higher as the economic, environmental and social benefits of woods and forests are widely-recognised in the minds of governments, scientists, businesses and communities. 

M.Res. Management (research)

This twelve-month programme provides an opportunity for students with some familiarity with the theory and techniques of management science to extend their knowledge of methodology and applications and carry out an extended piece of desk research.

Graduate Management School
M.Res. Urban Energy Technology and Policy MRes

Our programme focuses on UK policy environment whilst being well-situated within international energy challenges. Our aim is to provide a wide, cross-scale and integral understanding of energy in cities and sub-cities scales.

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
M.Res. Diabetes and Obesity

The principal goal of this pathway is to provide a thorough grounding in cutting edge clinical research, with a strong focus on diabetes and obesity. The programme provides a structured approach to developing knowledge and skills which will enable students to develop their own research portfolio or assist in the management of an existing portfolio. It is ideal for those wishing to progress to a PhD studentship or a research based role within the NHS.

M.Res. Philosophy

The MRes degree is a research programme with some provision for taught modules. It is aimed at those with an academic background in Philosophy who wish to move beyond undergraduate work and to engage in research for a postgraduate thesis, but who also wish to enhance their research by undertaking module-based study. 

Department of Philosophy
M.Res. Epidemiology

Our Epidemiology MRes is a research-based course with a taught component that is equivalent to an MSc. It provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Res. Criminology

The Criminology programme at the University of Glasgow introduces the theoretical and conceptual resources relevant to the study of crime, criminal justice and crime policy. It provides advanced training in social research methods.

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Work and Organisation

The Work and Organisation MRes is a pre-doctoral training programme designed to provide a critical, research led approach to the  study of aspects of work and organisation, and the changing context in which firms operate, together with training in the key research skills appropriate for Doctoral level study. 

M.Res. Bioinformatics with Systems Biology

This Bioinformatics with Systems Biology degree from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics provides you with high-quality postgraduate training in bioinformatics, including a major research component.

Postgraduate courses
M.Res. Neuroscience

Neuroscientists investigate the mind and brain – from neuropharmacology to the philosophy of consciousness – with applications from medicine to artificial intelligence.

M.Res. Cell Biomedicine

This innovative degree offers a fascinating opportunity to study modern and topical research areas in Cell Biomedicine. You will gain the essential skills required to prepare for your career in either biomedical research, a clinical setting or within the health industry. *This programme is subject to validation.

M.Res. Ocean Science

This MRes Ocean Science programme at University of Southampton will give you the opportunity to focus on a particular area such as physical, chemical or biological oceanography, which may be inspired by your first degree.

Ocean and Earth Sciences
M.Res. Early Modern Studies

You will work with, and be supported by, nationally and internationally recognised experts in the Early Modern Studies subject area. The Masters by Research in Early Modern Studies offers transferrable and employment-related skills.  For example: project planning and management; time management; research and data analysis; digital literacy; and communicating complex ideas in writing.

Master Programmes
M.Res. Architecture

This multi-disciplinary course analyses the impact of capitalist neoliberalism on development. It examines neoliberal policies over the last 30 years and their effects on urban layout, property markets, architectural form and social justice. The Architecture programme is delivered by University of East London.

University of East London - Arts and Digital Industries
M.Res. Biosciences

This qualification combines taught elements that focus primarily on how to undertake excellent research. This includes general research skills (project planning, statistics, field & lab techniques) as well as skills specific to your research project. Alongside this training, you will undertake higher level research with a leading expert in the institute.

M.Res. Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine

Our Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine MRes is a research-based course with a taught component that is equivalent to an MSc. It provides a springboard into a career that involves a working knowledge of scientific research.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
M.Res. Applied Social Research

This MRes Applied Social Research programme from University of Stirling covers six subject areas: Applied Social Science, Education, Film, Media and Journalism, Management, Nursing, Midwifery and Health and Sports Studies. There is a core of four shared modules in generic research skills, plus specialist disciplinary modules and a range of options. They combine high quality with flexibility and choice for students.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.Res. Public Policy Research

This Public Policy Research programme at University of Glasgow provides students with an excellent grounding in social science research methods and theory and in contemporary public policy analytical processes. It is ideally suited for students wishing to undertake a PhD or to work in public/third or private sector organisations.

College of Social Sciences
M.Res. Sport Development

MRes Sport Development is a work-centred, project based programme which enables students to develop a critical appreciation of fundamental shifts taking place within their profession as well as the opportunity to contribute to the planning process necessary to meet the challenges these shifts present.

M.Res. Green Media

You will work with, and be supported by, nationally and internationally recognised experts in the area of 'green media'. The Masters by Research in Green Media offers transferrable and employment-related skills.  For example: project planning and management; research and data analysis; digital literacy; and the communication of complex ideas in writing.

Master Programmes
M.Res. Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

This is a full-time one-year research-based course that provides a highly specialised biochemical education and practical training. It will give you the fundamental skills to enable you to enter a research career in modern biochemical research in industry or academia.

M.Res. Twentieth Century British History MRes

Twentieth century Britain is one of the most exciting areas of modern history. With new documents being released every year and new archives being added to all the time, new researchers are finding an incredible range of topics to explore, examine and reassess. Ideal for those interested in questions about Britain’s recent past, the Twentieth Century British History MRes course from University of Birmingham is designed to develop skills in critical analysis and academic research, enabling you to acquire research skills and to understand and apply research methodologies to the study of twentieth century British history.

Department of History
M.Res. Social Sciences

Study on a course designed for social sciences graduates who plan to work or complete research in sociology, social policy, and governmental and commercial organisations. The fundamental research methodologies you learn give you the skills to develop or start your career as a researcher in these areas. 

M.Res. Industrial Physical Biochemistry

This course provides graduates with an advanced knowledge and understanding of physical biochemistry, with particular relevance to industry. The Industrial Physical Biochemistry programme is offered at  University of Nottingham.

M.Res. Pig Production

Harper Adams University has developed a Masters degree in Pig Production. The pig meat sector continues to show a consistent growth in consumption globally, with greater levels of expansion in developing regions of the world. Pork production exceeded 110milion tons in 2013.

M.Res. Psychology

The MRes programme provides training in a set of analytical and practical research skills that will thoroughly prepare students to continue on to a PhD. 

M.Res. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The MRes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation gives students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and analytic abilities to develop their career as a researcher. Students will learn in a research rich, multi-disciplinary environment taking taught modules that dissect the makeup of the entrepreneur and investigate the process of successfully managing innovation.

M.Res. Creative Industries

The MRes in Creative Industries offers you the opportunity to undertake in-depth study in an area of interest to you while developing your skills in research. You will spend one third of your time in the taught element of your course, covering your chosen subject and training in research methodology, and the remaining two-thirds in your personalised research dissertation. You can study within any of the Faculty’s schools: Architecture, Art & Design, Creative Technologies or Media & Performing Arts.

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries
M.Res. Publishing Studies

The MRes Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling is a course which enables students to develop strong research skills in the fields of publishing studies, either with regard to contemporary publishing issues and trends or to the history of the book and print culture.

English Studies
M.Res. Wildlife Conservation

The MRes Wildlife Conservation research masters degree from University of Southampton is an exciting addition to our portfolio of programmes, designed for graduates of biology, zoology, ecology and other relevant biological or ecological disciplines. It offers you the chance to build on the background of your undergraduate degree, while allowing you to develop within the field of wildlife conservation.

Biological Sciences
M.Res. Islamic Studies

At Birmingham we offer promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in one of the UK’s largest and most diverse Departments of Theology and Religion.

Department of Theology and Religion
M.Res. Sociology

The programme comprises a mix of Faculty-wide research-based units and departmental disciplinary-based specialisations. This programme has a limited intake of students per year, fostering a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Department of Social and Policy Sciences
M.Res. English MRes

This MRes prepares you for more advanced research projects at MPhil/PhD level, but is also a degree in its own right. It's ideal if you're considering a 'taster' year of research, or if you're keen to complete shorter term research at graduate level.

Department of English and Comparative Literature
M.Res. Cancer Biology

The course will provide a robust and wide-reaching education in fundamental and applied cancer biology, and focused training in laboratory research and associated methodology.

School of Medicine
M.Res. Global Public Health and Policy

The MRES in Global Public Health and Policy is a pre-doctoral training programme designed to provide a critical, research led approach to the study of Global Heath systems, together with training in the key research skills appropriate for Doctoral level study. 

M.Res. Sport and Exercise Science

Our Sport and Exercise Science (MRes) syllabus is formulated to foster independent, problem-solving individuals who are critical, analytical and resilient to the challenges of the research and applied environment.

M.Res. Bioengineering

The Department offers a one-year full-time MRes in Bioengineering, which has been developed to prepare students for a research career in bioengineering. The course involves lectures and practical work in the first term, followed by full-time work on a research project. A variety of seminars and workshops are provided to deepen and broaden students’ research skill base. The course will prepare you to analyse and solve problems in bioengineering using an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. You can also take this course as the first year of a four-year PhD programme.

M.Res. Analysing Language Use

Compared to our MA courses, our MRes programmes offer more flexibility and fewer taught modules, as the emphasis of your course is on your dissertation and individual research assignments. You must have a draft research proposal at your application stage, and a supervisor is assigned to you to guide your choice of modules and work on your dissertation.

Department of Language and Linguistics
M.Res. Biomedical Engineering

The MRes in Biomedical Engineering is a multidisciplinary programme that combines knowledge of the physical and life sciences with advances in technology and engineering to generate applications and solutions to clinically relevant problems.

M.Res. Ruminant Nutrition

The course is designed to equip practitioners with the higher level skills and knowledge to apply recent developments in nutritional science, technology and legislation to support sustainable expansion and intensification of ruminant production systems and meet consumer demands for ruminant products both within the UK and globally. 

M.Res. International Human Resource Management

The International Human Resource Management MRes is a pre-doctoral training programme designed to provide a critical, research led approach to the study of aspects of human resource management and employment relations. The programme reflects research interests of the academics in the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity who provide the majority of the teaching for the programme, together with training in the key research skills appropriate for Doctoral level study. 

M.Res. Management

This Management Master Programme from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics is designed for students with a good academic background who wish to improve their research skills and do a substantial piece of dissertation research.

M.Res. Art and Design

The Liverpool School of Art and Design offers a rewarding research opportunity for you to develop your art and design research ideas, methods and skills under the tutelage of expert practitioners in one of the oldest schools of its kind outside of London.

M.Res. Research in Management

This course provides for advanced research study in the field of Management. It aims to provide aspiring managers and business specialists with key insights in to research theory and practice within the management discipline.

M.Res. Anthropology

?Our exciting new MRes in Engaged Anthropology is designed to develop students’ capacity to take anthropology out of the classroom into real-life contexts – and equip them with vocational skills to do so – while also encouraging them to take a critical approach to anthropological engagement, intervention and involvement in current social concerns and debates

M.Res. Health and Wellbeing

This collaborative, interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing pathway at University of Bristol brings together key academics within the South West Doctoral Training Centre (SWDTC) who possess research and teaching strengths in the broad area of health and wellbeing, in particular, lifestyle behaviours and public health.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
M.Res. Exercise Science

The Master of Research (MRes) allows you to develop specialised research skills within a professional research setting. It's an excellent preparation for PhD studies in exercise science, which is a discipline that's becoming increasingly focused on research.

Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation
M.Res. Protein Structure and Function

This programme involves the integration of structural biology and bioinformatics approaches in order to understand the activity of proteins, including enzymes, antibodies and receptors, at a molecular level. This Protein Structure and Function programme is offered by the University of Bath.

Faculty of Science
M.Res. Microbiology

Masters by Research (MRes) programmes allow students to undertake a substantial amount of independent research while gaining 20 credits of transferable skills training. The Microbiology programme is offered at  University of Nottingham.

M.Res. RCA Communication Design Pathway

The MRes RCA Communication Design Pathway will introduce students to practice-led interdisciplinary and experimental research processes, methods and methodologies that inform and underpin communication design research. 

School of Communication
M.Res. Economics and Econometrics

The MRes Economics and Econometrics is a research-oriented postgraduate programme for students who already hold an MSc in economics or a related field and who may wish to progress to doctoral study at Queen Mary (or elsewhere). Students build on their postgraduate training by completing advanced module sequences in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, or financial economics. Students also conduct original research to fulfil the substantial dissertation component of the degree, which can form the basis of later doctoral work.