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Think of dentists as the Supermen of medicine: until you need them, they’re just a Clark Kent behind a pair of glasses. Although most people think it only deals with teeth, Dentistry focuses on all issues related to the human skull: from the jaw to the cranium, as well as facial health. Dentists play a vital role in ensuring that all maxillofacial structures are in proper working order and that everything is kept in its place.

Head and Neck Anatomy, Surgical Techniques, Implant Surgery, Forensic Dentistry, and Biomaterials and Ergonomics in Oral Diseases are just a few of the specialisations you can choose from. Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in Dentistry offer opportunities for you to get to know which fields are best suited for you. Still, remember that, no matter what you specialise in, Dentistry will require good manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, visual memory and interpersonal skills.

When you will finish your degree, you can choose where and what to practice. Popular subjects students opt for include:

• Dental Public Health
• Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology or Surgery
• Oral Implantology or Medicine
• Paediatric or Geriatric Dentistry

Whatever you choose to specialise in, you can be sure you will be the superhero nobody knew they wanted, but needed nonetheless, especially after they bite a rather hard apple.

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Suggested Masters in Dentistry

M.Sc. Dental Hygiene

The University of New Mexico offers a Master of Science in Dental Hygiene in continuation to the Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene. The purpose of the Master of Science Degree Program in Dental Hygiene is to provide New Mexico with a program aimed at developing dental hygienists to teach, develop dental health programs in a variety of settings, conduct research and provide care as collaborative dental hygiene practitioners.

United States
M.Sc. Prosthetic Dentistry

The aim of the master program of the Department of Prosthodontics is to bring up dentists who are educated using contemporary and international opportunities, who can prepare the best treatment plan in dental soft and hard tissue losses and who can thoroughly manage oral rehabilitation.

M.Sc. Paediatric Dentistry

The Master of Science in Paediatric Dentistry is for dental graduates wanting to pursue a career in paediatric dentistry in a primary or secondary care setting or in academia.

United Kingdom