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Dentistry aims to ensure proper conditions of the oral cavity and deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Dentistry specialisations include health dentistry, paediatric dentistry, oral and maxillofacial radiology and surgery, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, dental implantation, dental aesthetics and more.

Curriculums of dentistry degrees offer students specialized knowledge about: head and neck anatomy, surgical appliances technique, teeth morphology, braces and plates technology, teeth implant surgery, orofacial sensitivity, forensic dentistry, biomaterials and ergonomics in oral diseases. Students will also have the opportunity to get involved in special practices programmes providing dental care for patients under the direct supervision of professional dentists. Dentistry graduates will have to cover the following skills: good manual dexterity, good visual memory, problem solving skills for diagnosing oral diseases and recommending the best treatment and interpersonal skills.

Graduates can find work in private clinics or hospitals. The main work areas are detection of diseases, aesthetic improvements, completing oral treatment options and plans, public education and hygiene.

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Suggested Masters in Dentistry

M.Sc. Dental Medicine Programme

The Dental Medicine Programme, offered by the Faculty of Dentistry from University of Szeged, covers five-year program (10 semesters). The training proceeds in the form of regular, uniform, undivided master - degree training over a period of 5 years (10 semesters). After the successful completion of the programme, students are awarded the title Doctor Medicinae Dentaire (dentist; D.M.D.).

M.Sc. Restorative Dentistry

Led by a team of consultants and complemented by respected visiting specialist clinicians and teachers, this programme is structured to allow you to continue your current working commitments while studying for this postgraduate degree at an appropriate pace.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Dental Biomaterials

The M.S. program in dental biomaterials is offered to individuals who want to pursue advanced study in dental biomaterials. A major component of the program is conducting a research project culminating in the successful completion of a master’s thesis and defense.

United States