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The field of Public Administration is concerned with the implementation of governmental policy that serves the wide population; it carries political activity and decision into actions or public programmes for the well-being of the society and the citizens. The aims of this filed are linked to democratic values like equality, security and justice. The public servants or the civil servants are the people working in public administration in governmental institutions, departments and agencies. Public administration makes use of several other disciplines in order to successfully achieve its goals, disciplines such as organisational behaviour and theory, finances, human resources, politics, law and even ethics and philosophy. Comparable to Business Administration, Public Administration distinguishes itself through the non-profit orientation of the administrative activity. Like an MBA, a Master in Public Administration (MPA) is vital for students willing to pursue successful careers in the public sector. An MPA student studies governmental policy, international affairs, administrative law and is an expert in participatory democracy.

A good public servant is characterised by integrity, ethical behaviour, respect and consideration towards peers, trustworthiness, commitment and resilience.

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