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The discipline of Development, Social Policy and Planning is a complex, interdisciplinary filed that makes use of notions and concepts of social science, psychology, behaviour science, environmental sciences, engineering, organizational science, law and many others in order to enable proper, responsible, sustainable and effective growth and development of the human society. As the name implies, this disciplines touches several aspects of this process from the technical matters of development, to the area of policy making and planning.

Policy making is concerned with human welfare and is responsible with issuing guidelines and legislation meant to enforce it. Social policy making touches matters such as social security, healthcare and pension, unemployment, environmental issues, housing, child protection, abuse prevention, education, etc. Also marriage, divorce or adoption are concerns of the policy making body.

The planning aspect of this discipline refers to the enforcement of the policies in a feasible, effective and efficient manner. For example, urban planning is concerned with the optimal use of urban space and decides upon best locations for buildings, solves issues of traffic or pollution or manages public transportation.

The biggest part of the jobs in this field is available in the government sector, local or regional authorities. Population growth and environmental concerns are both creating a higher demand for experts of this filed.

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