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International development studies cover methods of formulating and implementing development programs in different parts of the world, especially so call "third-world countries". Development degrees are established by the global development community (donors, foundations, consultants, advocates) seeking to boost worldwide prosperity. International development policies focus on establishing action plans encompassing social policies and all the necessary resources in order to solve situations that require international assistance. The policies would help create necessary outputs and structures of institutions in order to make changes that would lead to a robust and sustainable development process in a country.

Masters in International Development combine theories from other areas such as: law, history, sociology, economics, political science and public policy. Students learn about popular development theories, and apply advanced methods and techniques to support global development processes. Studied topics include compared politics, contemporary international law, post Holocaust philosophy, or global security.

Future international development specialists will learn main directions of international development and will get a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the international assistance process. They will achieve a high capacity for holistic analysis at the international level. Students will also develop analytical thinking, communication and project implementation skills. The types of careers that international development graduates pursue is diverse, covering fields like: research, policy, diplomacy, PR, advocacy.

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