More information about the Music discipline

Music is the art of combining sounds, represented as musical notes, in a succession or simultaneously in an aesthetically pleasant and rhythmical form and the integration of these aspects in a complete piece. The art of Music uses musical instruments, human voice being one of them, to deliver the result of the art manifestation. Music is divided in genres that are characterised by similar melody, harmonic, rhythmic, form, orchestration, literary text where applicable and other compositional aspects. A similar, but less general concept is that of style, that can be attributed to a certain era, school or author.

The study of music is a very complex endeavour that can be focused on mastering a certain musical instrument, or mastering composition, conducting and orchestra or being an expert in music history. Being a very old art form with countless instances of manifestation, music offers a great array of study to potential students. The study of music as a whole is called musicology and has many sub-disciplines like ethnomusicology, historical musicology, music theory, music analysis, musical composition, musical critic and others.

The music industry is the business field that is concerned with the production and distribution of music as a consumable good. Throughout the past century the development of technology has made music widely available to everybody everywhere and has stimulated the rapid growth of the music industry as a consequence.

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