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Physiotherapy is a field of health care that aims to rehabilitate and improve health of people with movement disabilities. Basic methods that are used include relevant exercises, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy. Physiotherapy deals with the interaction between physical therapists and patients. Physiotherapists should be able to diagnose and treat impairment or disabilities of clients. The study field has many areas such as paediatrics, orthopaedic, neurologic, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, wound care and more.

Topics covered by physiotherapy bachelors and masters include: therapeutic practice and electrotherapy basic motor skills of children with disabilities, pain therapy, medical recovery and kinesiology. Throughout the study programme students will have the possibility to develop practical skills in different physiotherapy centres. Core competencies for physiotherapists are patience and tolerance; treating people with illnesses or disabilities involves good interpersonal skills and the ability to be empathetic and to understand every patient’s needs.

Graduates can work in many different health areas, such as hospitals, private or sport clinics, special schools, community centres, nursing homes.

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Suggested Masters in Physiotherapy

M.Sc. Medical Physiology

Master of Science program in Medical Physiology from Koc University aims at providing a broad perspective in Life Sciences for those holding a BS or MS degree in Basic Sciences, Engineering or Medical Sciences and planning to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Physiology or related fields.

M.Sc. Advancing Physiotherapy Practice

The MSc Advancing Physiotherapy Practice at Queen Margaret University aims to help you thrive in health and social contexts where the pace of change is high and professionals need to be dynamic and proactive to meet the needs of the individuals that they work with.

United Kingdom
Postgraduate Certificate Elderly Care 2.0

UC Leuven-Limburg offers Elderly Care 2.0  a high-level training programme for elderly care professionals based on the classically recognised pillars of geriatric and gerontological sciences. 

M.Sc. Advanced Physiotherapy

Advanced Physiotherapy at Manchester Metropolitan University is an advanced programme of study for registered and qualified Physiotherapists. Under this main programme of study, there are five specialist areas where our students can direct their focus and develop their professional practice: Physiotherapy focus, Musculoskeletal Therapy focus, Neurological Therapy focus, Cardio-respiratory Therapy focus, Manual Therapy focus (provides eligibility for MACP membership)

United Kingdom