More information about the Physiotherapy discipline

Physiotherapy is a field of health care that aims to rehabilitate and improve health of people with movement disabilities. Evidence-based methods are used including relevant exercises, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy. Physiotherapy deals with the interaction between physical therapists (physiotherapist) and the patients. Physiotherapists are able to diagnose and treat impairment or disabilities of clients. The study field has many areas such as pediatrics, orthopedic, neurologic, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, wound care, sports, EMG. Graduates can work in many different areas, such as clinical electrophysiology, neurology, geriatric, pediatric, integumentary, cardiovascular, pulmonary, orthopedic and etc.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Physiotherapy (post-registration) (Full-time)

    The course encourages you to re-examine your practical skills, professional knowledge and understanding of physiotherapy interventions. The development of your critical and evaluative skills aims to advance your future clinical, academic and/or research career. The knowledge and skills developed over the course are intended to enable you to lead and implement innovative change within physiotherapy workplaces in the UK and internationally.

  • Master in Clinical Management of Headache Disorders - MSc/Dip/Cert

    Headache disorders are the most prevalent of the neurological conditions and among the most frequent of medical complaints seen in general practice. The objective of Clinical Management of Headache Disorders - MSc/Dip/Cert is to reduce the burden of headache disorders and improve the management of headache in primary care.

  • Master in Physiotherapy

    Based on international achievements in fundamental and applied interdisciplinary sciences and technologies, the aim of this programme is to train advanced professionals in physiotherapy who will be able to apply up-to-date scientific evidence-based diagnostic methods in clinical practice, perform prevention of injuries and illness, raise hypotheses, initiate and implement biomedical research, develop local and international projects, supervise physiotherapists, work in private practice and continue studies at postgraduate level.

  • Master in Physiotherapy (pre-registration)

    This 2 year full time MSc. Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) degree programme, the first of its kind in the Republic of Ireland, is offered by the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science and provides graduates with the opportunity to change their career path to gain the knowledge and skills required to practice Physiotherapy via a dedicated Graduate Entry programme.

  • Master in Health Research

    This programme provides a first step in research training for health professionals currently working in clinical areas who want to develop a health related research component to their career. Guided by a supervision team you will undertake a research project and gain confidence in using research methods, project management, and research governance. There is an opportunity to work alongside existing research staff on established research projects. In Nursing and Midwifery we are particularly interested in supporting applicants who wish to research palliative and end of life care across the life span, and in various healthcare settings.