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Master Medical Research

The Master's programme in Medical Research from Uppsala University gives motivated students good conditions to proceed with postgraduate studies and the opportunity for informed choice of specialisation and thesis projects. The programme provides a theoretical base, practical experience of two research projects, a broad and deep insight of current biomedical research and a valuable network of contacts with researchers.

Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy
Master Vaccinology and Pharmaceutical Clinical Development (Executive)

The Vaccinology and Pharmaceutical Clinical Development (Executive) programme is offered at University of Siena. The program is very extensive and complete, covering subjects from epidemiology, health economics, disease burden of vaccine preventable infectious diseases, vaccine development from research to licensure and vaccine policy and funding


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Pharmacy is focused on transforming research in chemical laboratories into products that life sciences and human beings benefit from. This is the base of pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy and pharmacy practice. Some of the high achievements of pharmacy is owed to the development of new and revolutionary medicines or the discovery of treatments for diseases.

Students in a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy investigate and research herbal and chemical ingredients which can be used as part of a scientifically developed medicine. A Master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm) includes fields such as community, clinical, veterinary, military or specialty pharmacy, as well as pharmacy informatics. Degrees in pharmacy studies are offered by medical schools and colleges worldwide, and faculties of pharmacy provide a mix of scientific and professional knowledge, from medical science experts.

After graduations, students can work as pharmacists with specializations or researchers, according to their studies. A Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy can also lead to careers in pharmacology, science writing, toxicology, regulatory affairs or international institutions that represent the interests of health care professionals.

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