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Informatics and information sciences became popular when the first digital information devices were introduced. Modern organisations exchange the information using information transmission devices and their programming systems. IT specialists understand the latest information and communication technology issues, develop software and solve practical engineering problems. Informatics and information science integrates disciplines such as computer science, communication studies, complex systems, information theory, information technology, didactics of informatics, etc.

Masters in Informatics will offer students abilities that are related to a logical, strategic and analytical thinking. Informatics graduates are able to analyse and find alternative solutions to problems, to identify measures of system performance. They develop the ability to combine pieces of information and to formulate general rules while keeping one step ahead with new trends in the field.

Career opportunities for graduates cover a wide range of options: archivists, systems developers, programmers, system designers, web designers, web developers, information architects, business analysts, database administrators, product managers, web content managers.

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Suggested Masters in Informatics & Information Sciences

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

As a student of Bioinformatics you will learn to solve biological problems by means of mathematical and statistical calculation methods and using a computer. The MSc in Bioinformatics is offered in English at the University of Copenhagen.

Master GNSS receivers Hardware and software

The aim of the GNSS receivers Hardware and software program at Samara National Research University is to prepare highly qualified specialist, capable to develop hard- and software GNSS receivers, adapt typical solutions for specific purposes, to implement new algorithms of signal processing for SDR approach.