Masters in Criminal Law and Criminology

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Criminal Law is the instrument of defence of the main social values against criminal action. State sovereignty, independence, unity, personal rights, freedom and property are all protected by law and fall under the incidence of criminal law in case of breach. Criminal law is the summation of all judicial norms, passed by the legislative body of power, which defines acts regarded as crimes, the conditions of indictment and the sanctions and measures that are to be enforced by the criminal courts as consequence of the criminal act. In criminal law it is the state that has the right and obligation to pursue an alleged crime and to determine the guilt of the indicted person, as well as the punishment in the case of proved guilt.

Criminology is the interdisciplinary science that studies criminal behaviour in terms of background, causes, manifestation and society reaction. One of the aims of criminology is crime prevention and control. Forensic science is one of the sub-disciplines of criminology that is concerned with the collection and analysis of physical evidence relevant in a criminal trial. Forensic science requires expert knowledge and skills in many other fields such as medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, behaviour science, psychology, and many others. The field of private investigation is another possibility that criminology offers and it deals with conducting an investigation through fact collection, interviews, surveillance, etc.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Laws

    This taught masters degree is a flexible modular qualification designed to consider the role and place of law in an increasingly globalised world. A critical legal approach is taken and the modules use different perspectives and case studies to explore, contextualise and illustrate a number of contemporary issues challenging the international community.

  • Master in Legal Practice Course (LL.M LPC) - Part-time (18 Month - Weekend)

    Our world-class Legal Practice Course now includes the opportunity to gain a Masters qualification. Our LLM LPC also gives you the chance to excel in a specialist area, focus your expertise and enhance your employment prospects

  • Master in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management (Homeland Security Policy)

    Waldens M.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management program blends criminal behavioral theory with studies in human services, technology, and homeland security to help broaden your management skills.

  • Master in Laws (Research)

    The Master of Laws by Research aims to produce graduates trained in legal research either for academic or professional purposes. The task of the Master of Laws by Research student is to undertake a significant piece of research and report it in a scholarly dissertation. The Master of Laws by Research aims to provide students with opportunities to explore the resolution of particular legal problems using specialist and theoretical knowledge and advanced techniques through conducting research in a specialised area of law, legal theory, comparative law or legal history or by conducting interdisciplinary studies in law

  • Master in Criminal Justice (Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace)

    In the M.S. in Criminal Justice program at Walden University, you will learn about the causes of criminal activity and its influence on law enforcement, courts, and correction on major levels of government. The Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace specialization offers key information regarding anti-terrorism legislation, means of prevention and their relationship to public policies.

  • Master in Terrorism Studies

    In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, political and military leaders are still grappling with strategies to combat terrorism. Terrorist groups and their strategies and tactics continue to evolve and mature in their capabilities posing ongoing challenges to counter terrorism community.

  • Master in Security Management

    The certificate in Security Management offers students the opportunity to learn about the principles and theories associated with various types of security, from evaluation of security programs to contemporary issues in security that focus on the protection of assets. Those that complete the certificate are inclined toward professions that involve the general public or private management, federal or local government civil service, military service, law enforcement, and private security.

  • Master in Criminal Justice (Emergency Management)

    In the M.S. in Criminal Justice program at Walden University, you will learn about the causes of criminal activity and its influence on law enforcement, courts, and correction on major levels of government. The Emergency Management specialization prepares professionals for making informed, effective choices under pressure, in unexpected situations.

  • Master in Giurisprudenza / Law

    INTERNATIONAL DEGREE WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ORLÉANS / FRANCE - The course aims at training a solidly prepared legal expert for access to the traditional legal professions (magistrate, notary public and lawyer), but it also aims to train operators with the highest level of responsibility within international institutional and entrepreneurial organisations. Several courses are taught in English and students can choose these as an alternative to those taught in Italian, as well as IT tools as a form of teaching support.

  • Master in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management (Self-Designed)

    Walden University’s Master in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management offers law enforcement or criminal justice professionals the opportunity to prepare for executive management roles or careers in education and consulting. The Self-Designed specialization allows you to explore the topics that interest you most and tailor your personal program, following your individual professional goals.