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Postgrad.Cert. Elderly Care 2.0

The growing number of elderly people is one of the major universal social challenges inextricably bound to a rising demand for health care as well as a demand for larger and better trained health workforce in elderly care. This Elderly Care 2.0 programme is offered by UC Leuven-Limburg.

Master Human and Social Services - Gerontology

Further your commitment to social change with an online MS in Human and social Services from Walden. Through professionally-focused curriculum, interactive case studies and simulations, and an interprofessional approach, you prepare to address the needs of individuals, communities, and organizations within a global context.


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Nursing students gain knowledge in many disciplines closely related to medicine and discover a diverse approach towards the field. They specialise either in hospital or private practice and focus on families, individuals and communities. The academic schedule contains health and public health sciences, theory and techniques for treatments, as well as procedures and rules of best practices. However, theory and research have a high importance in the programme.

Students learn nursing in medical graduate schools, which usually collaborate with hospitals and other health institutions. Nursing degrees lead to a profession that involves the art and science of providing specific services to humankind and establishing long-lasting standards of practice.

During a Master’s degree in nursing, student have the option to specialize in paediatrics, neonatal nursing, women’s or mental health, communities, adult-gerontology or in the family-related field. These sub-disciplines help the student to decide whether to work in a hospital or for private practice. Some of the fields with high career potential in nursing are related to adults, children, mental health, communities, public health, practice education and the academic environment.

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