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Master International Migration and Refugee Law

International migration is one of the most important social issues of our time. People move across border for work, studies, love, as well as in order to flee poverty, persecution and violence. We will address international migration from the perspective of international and European law, and focus on the way these legal orders function in domestic legal orders. The interplay between international, European and domestic law is a specific focus of the track.

European Law and International Law
LL.M. Human Rights

We have a particularly strong track record of expertise in researching and teaching human rights. It is part of our wider strength in international law. This Human Rights programme is offered by the University of East London.

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Civil law is the legal system that focuses on relations between individuals or organizations and the consequences of these relations. This branch of law focuses on finding solutions and compensations for victims of actions that do not follow the law of the society. Civil law mostly applies to accidents, contracts, wills, properties and other matters that often include disputes, the necessity of an agreement or an affected part.

Civil law is part of private law, along with labour, commercial, corporate and compensation law. Each of these specializations follows particular codes. A Bachelor’s degree in civil and private law (BCL) allows students to specialize in one of the fields mentioned above and earn career prospects in the government, law firms or corporations or even in a private practice.

A graduate with a Master’s degree in civil and private law can work as a solicitor who is hired to guard the interests of his or her clients. This field is financially rewarding, but it involves good research as well as interview skills.

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