Masters in Civil & Private Law

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Civil Law is the branch of law that handles the relations between individuals or organizations. It is concerned with the legal status of individuals and the legal options regarding consequences of actions falling under the law governing the society in question. Civil law is exercised in the case of accidents, contracts, wills, property and other matters that are of private nature and aims at settling disputes, bringing just compensation to a wronged party or enforce an agreement.

A student of private law can specialize in the following areas: civil law, labor law, commercial law, corporate law and compensation law.

Civil and Public Law solicitors are the professionals entrusted to have the knowledge and skills to guide a party that is engaged in a civil or public law matter through the law enforcement process, by guarding the interests of their clients. A solicitor spends a lot of the working time doing research, discovering facts, interviewing people and gathering information. With this information, solicitors build arguments meant to bring a favourable court decision for their clients.

The solicitor profession is one of the best paid, with the possibility of working in an own private practice, for the government, law firms or corporations.

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