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The discipline of Environmental Technology is concerned with the sustainable development of the human society and applies the knowledge, experience and innovation in the field of technology to investigate, design and protect the environment and the scarce natural resources.

Sustainable energy production and consumption, Water, Soil and Air purification, Environmental Damage prevention, control and remediation are some of the central pursuits of Environmental Technologies. Professionals in this field are constantly researching, improving or designing green technology with the aim of turning the exploitation and destruction of the environment into a non-harming cohabitation. They focus on technology with no foot print and even technology that contributes to the regeneration of the environment.

This discipline is a very relevant field nowadays, due to the alarming destructive side-effects of the industry explosion of the last two centuries. Environmental Technology has become vital to almost all fields of human activity, from industry and business to government policy. It is a very fast developing field with cutting-edge activity that requires knowledge, capability, creativity and devotion.

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