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Masters in Environmental Impacts & Human Health

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More information about the Environmental Impacts & Human Health discipline

The discipline of Environmental Impacts and Human Health combines the knowledge of a variety of sub-disciplines, such as sociology, health promotion, economics, demography, environmental studies and life sciences, with the aim of discovering patterns, issues and solutions to environmental, social and health related problems.

Treating diverse topics that range from Toxicology and Nutrition to Natural Resources and Wildlife, this discipline sets out to improve the quality of human life and the level of health in the human society.

As a student of this discipline one can expect to focus on social, psychological, environmental and societal factors of health, illness and quality of life, as well as the consequences of the health condition both for the individual and for society.

The relevance and importance of this filed has increased recently as a consequence of ever more severe health issues, medical assistance inequality and shortage and medical services increased costs. Continuous research and counselling is required all over the world in order to adapt and improve governmental policies, business and social practices so that these issues are addressed and solved.

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