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Geology is a sub-field of environmental studies and earth sciences that analyses the history and physical structure of the earth, its constitutive materials and the processes shaping it. Geology studies the chemical and physical properties of earth materials including minerals, natural gases and water. It also deals with earth hazards such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods.

Geologists combine applied tools from the fields of maths, physics, chemistry, or biology to study the geologic environment and its impact on human life. They often specialise in a particular geological research area such as earth processes, earth materials or earth history. Professionals also use their expertise in assessing environmental problems and identifying means and ways to solve or minimize those issues.

Academic programmes in geology present several specialization opportunities, with majors ranging from palaeontology, geological hazards, to petroleum geology, geo-informatics and economic geology. Besides theoretical knowledge, students also gain a strong understanding of field methods and data-collection practices. They interpret the results in lab sessions, use modern technology for research and improve their numeracy skills.

Graduates in geology work in a variety of settings, with the most common being industrial companies, environmental consulting firms, government agencies and non-profit organisations. Example job titles include: geo-hydrologist, engineering geologist, geophysicist, seismic interpreter, palaeontologist, petroleum geologist, etc.

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Suggested Masters in Geology

M.Sc. Geophysics

The MSc in Geophysics at Aarhus University provides a compelling learning experience. Students get to choose their own specific area of focus while exploring a variety of fields including quaternary structures and materials, groundwater aquifers, the structure and dynamics of the lithosphere, the development of sedimentary basins, and the numerical modelling of geodata.

Pre-Master Graduate Pathway in Geology

INTO's Graduate Pathway in Geology from University of South Florida prepares international students for a master's degree in the US by providing specialized English language and test preparation courses.

United States
M.Sc. Marine Geosciences

With the eastern Mediterranean as our natural marine laboratory, the International M.Sc. Program in Marine Geosciences from University of Haifa provides students with a unique opportunity to develop practical scientific experience at sea alongside a rigorous academic curriculum.