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Hydrology is the branch of physical geography that researches the general properties of water at the surface of the Earth, the movement and distribution of water on the Globe and the biological, physical and chemical properties as well as the interaction of water with the environment. It is concerned with the laws that govern the processes of the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere and with the forecasting of the evolution of hydrological elements with the aim of a rational consumption and maximal utilisation. It also deals with the fluctuation of the water resources and of the dry land and it monitors the phases of the hydrological cycle.

A sub-discipline of hydrology is the water management that deals with the assessment and administration of water as resource, from several perspectives: quantitative measurement of a water flow from any source in order to develop a water management plan, the information about the availability, quantity, quality, characteristics and variations in flow rates of water sources.

The field of Hydrology and Water Management is becoming more and more challenged by the scarcity and damage of water resources and new and innovative technologies have to be discovered and utilised in order to cope with the difficulties of nowadays water situation.

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