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Isn’t living fun? Don’t you love breathing clean air and seeing a flower bloom? Isn’t it nice having only two arms and two legs, rather than a tail developed from radioactive water contamination? If you answered “Yes”, then Sustainable Development is the degree for you.

As a branch of Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development is a subdiscipline that focuses on solving issues of Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation, tapping into the resources the Earth already has and using them to their full potential.

Dabbling in Environmental Economics, Policy Making, and Resource Management, Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary field, combining forces into creating either the perfect methods for sustaining life on earth, or creating Captain Planet - certainly one of the two.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sustainable Development cover courses and concepts within:

• Sustainability Risks and Opportunities
• Natural, Environmental and Social Sciences

Also, the fields in which students will find jobs are vast, with careers like:

• Construction Project Management
• Sustainability Analyst
• Sustainable Design Professional
• Energy Efficiency Analyst
• Operations manager

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Suggested Masters in Sustainable Development

M.Phil. Development Geography

The aim of the Development Geography programme from University of Bergen is to provide the candidates with theoretical and methodological skills enabling them to qualify for a Master's Degree.

Master Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning

The Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning at Ostelea – School of Tourism & Hospitality teaches students the environmental, social and economic aspects of tourism, with courses and seminars, as well as fieldwork projects. The Master focuses on the evaluation, management and conservation of natural heritage and tourism management from a sustainable perspective.

Master Sustainability

Gain insight into critical environmental factors affecting air, water, climate, and ecosystems. In this master’s degree program, you learn to evaluate and design practices, technologies, and systems that bring sustainable solutions to communities and organizations. The Sustainability degree is offered by Harvard University.

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