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Masters in Geo-information & Spatial Planning

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Geo-information and spatial planning is the application of information science to geography, geology and other geo-sciences. It deals with spatial information of any kind in terms of nature, classification, structure, etc.

It focuses on improving existing and developing new technologies that are used to collect, analyse, distribute, interpret, transform, visualize, etc. data about space of any sort. A big contribution to this field was brought by the development of informatics and the tools it provides for data manipulation. Informatics is an important component of the geo-information and spatial planning discipline and good knowledge and skills in this field are, if not necessary, at least a great advantage.

As space is becoming more and more scare, the issue of good special planning is delicate and highly specialised professionals are needed to analyse, develop and plan spatial strategies all over the world, for a sustainable development of the human society. Research Institutes, governmental agencies, public authorities and private consultancies are just a few of the potential employer of a graduate in the field of geo-information and spatial planning.

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