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Nutrition represents the provision of necessary material to the cells and organisms in order to survive. Nutrition of the human beings is constituted by the food and drinks we ingest.

The field of nutrition and dietetics specializes in understanding the effects of alimentation on the human body. Food is necessary for us to survive, but since food is also a human pleasure, an art and an industry, food can also harm us. By regulating our food ingestion we can prevent certain unhealthy developments of the body, or we can remedy them if they happened already. Nutritionists can advise a person on what and how to eat and drink to become or maintain healthy. This area is much more complex than it first seems since, the diet one should adopt is not standard, but has to be customized for each person according to his/her state of health, previous or existing conditions, necessities or requirements.

Nutrition and dietetics is the science that helps us when we want to lose weight, improve our athletic capabilities, go through physical transformation or undergo surgical procedures. This discipline is closely related to medicine, physiology and chemistry.

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