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Nutrition is the study of food elements and nutrients and their impact on the human body. This science closely analyses the substances from the food and the drinks people ingest are closely analysed and determines their impact on the human body. Dietetics means providing a balanced food diet to the body, so that the final aim of the treatment can be fulfilled.

Nutrition and dietetics studies bridge the connection between food, medicine and chemistry, focusing on the good and bad effects of alimentation on the human body. Since a balanced diet can cure diseases, a poor diet leads to imbalances in the human body. This is why obesity and chronic illnesses are the most popular specializations in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Medical schools and colleges offers Bachelor’s degrees in nutrition, leading to employment in the private sector or public hospitals, nursing care facilities and other institutions.

Nutrition is a well-paid field of medicine that has seen an increasing public interest in the last years. Graduates of Master’s degrees in nutrition and dietetics may also make use of their newly gained expertise by entering fields such as advertising, marketing and food manufacturing.

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Suggested Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics

M.Sc. Nutrition

The international Master of Science in Nutrition at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem prepares students to become leading professionals in the field of nutrition and apply their new knowledge to nutritional challenges in their home countries.

M.Sc. Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health

The online master specialisation Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health at Wageningen University and Research is designed as a part-time study. The field of nutritional epidemiology and public health aims at elucidating the relationships between dietary intake, nutritional status and health outcomes.

M.Sc. Human Nutrition

The Human Nutrition programme from University of Copenhagen gives you comprehensive knowledge of the importance of nutrition to human health and a thorough understanding of the principles and methods of nutritional science.

M.Sc. Clinical Dietetics

The Clinical Dietetics programme from University of Nicosia develops capacities and abilities and enable students to pursue higher education and research in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.