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Business and economics are basically concerned with the management of scarce resources. The field deals with the conceptual ideas that are built from thorough research and is mainly concerned with translating those concepts into pragmatic business and professional contexts. Economical theories and empirical techniques fundamentally revolve around human decision making, hence have many direct applications in business, finance, along with non-monetary fields. As such, business programmes benefit from economical theories and deals with the ways to manage people so to organize and maintain collective productivity toward accomplishing particular goals (usually to generate revenue).

Programmes in business and economics provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of various business, economics, finance, management, accounting and marketing subjects. In addition, awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of management is covered during studies as an increasingly important issue. Many programmes adopt a holistic approach to business challenges and issues, along with conventional discipline-based academic subjects. Studying business and economics allows students to develop individual leadership and personal capabilities. Students are provided an intellectual environment where they can improve their critical and innovative thinking capabilities.

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