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Agribusiness is a sub-field of business, management and organisation studies that deals with making profit from agriculture and corporate farming. Agribusiness includes the production, processing, and inventory of agricultural goods. It involves the management of agronomic equipment and technologies, raw materials, suppliers, work force and other resources involved in agriculture. Similar disciplines include: animal management, forestry and nature management, management of the living environment, agricultural economics, and rural enterprise.

Students get an insight into the processes of production and supply chain, from raw production to reaching the consumer, and all the stages in between: trade, management and consultancy, activities of businesses involved in horticulture and food chains. Masters in Agribusiness typically cover topics such as agricultural economics, farm product marketing, quality management, the sustainability of agricultural chains, agribusiness international marketplaces and others. Specialisations include international agribusiness and trade, food and agribusiness, international horticulture and marketing, agricultural entrepreneurship, agribusiness management, sustainable agribusiness and innovation, food marketing and retail.

Graduates in agribusiness can work in a diverse range of industries and positions from accounting, insurance and banking, to managing seed production, farm management, international marketing or retail sales. Professionals can practice in product development corporations, retail marketing firms, food processing companies, consultancy agencies, and public, governmental or financial institutions.

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Suggested Masters in Agribusiness

Master Viticulture and Enology

The Master in Viticulture and Enology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore aims at addressing how vineyard and winery innovation is quickly becoming part of the Italian viticulture tradition. Italy is now the largest wine producer in the world and boasts the greatest variability in terms of cultivars.

M.Sc. Agricultural and Food Economics

The Agricultural and Food Economics program at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, organized in the context of the SMEA Graduate School, will prepare students to analyze the agri-food system and to operate in the various functional areas of businesses and organizations.

Postgraduate Certificate Business Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at Kaplan Business School enables students to develop a firm foundation of the understanding of the context and environment of management and organisations in general and enables the students to do this within a standalone postgraduate award.