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Computer science deals information about computation, software, hardware and computer systems. The field consists of theoretical and practical approaches. Both of them contribute to research of the main important issues that computer science investigates: IT, which deals with computer and other systems, its development, artificial intelligence and mathematics, software engineering, systems and network engineering. Graduates can work in fields related to: manufacturing of computer and information systems, maintenance and sales of them as well as software and hardware developers, e-business and telecommunication networks experts.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Information Systems Management

    The evolution of Information Systems (IS) technologies has transformed the way organisations and governments operate. IS solutions help organisations to embrace innovative technologies to achieve strategic and operational competitive advantages. Future managers need to be equipped with new management competencies to deal with the challenges associated with dynamic business environments, which are increasingly dependent on the effective exploitation of IS.

  • Master in Web Sciences and Big Data (Online)

    Become a sought-after web sciences and big data professional, ready to take on key management positions in these rapidly expanding areas that are transforming private and public sectors around the world. This is a unique opportunity to advance in both web sciences and big data as you study a BCS-accredited programme fully online with a leading Computer Science department of a prestigious UK University – in the top 1% of universities worldwide. Connect with a diverse range of international IT professionals in a dynamic online environment. Choose from 16 specialist IT and management modules, customising your degree to your career.

  • Master in Technology and Learning Design

    The way education is designed and delivered is changing. Technology is opening up new models of learning, new channels, new techniques. At the same time, educational material in all its forms has never been so readily available. The challenge is to design the best possible methodologies for delivering it successfully to learners.This Master of Arts in Technology and Learning Design seeks to equip students with the solutions to that very issue.

  • Master in Advanced Networking

    This masters degree course consists of a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking and an MSc dissertation. The final MSc dissertation module draws together the knowledge and skills you have gained, in a research-based project. Professionals in IT and related fields will benefit from the completion of a dissertation, helping them to develop the skills required for systematically addressing problems in their own organisations.

  • Master in Computational Finance

    Our MSc Computational Finance equips you with the core concepts and mathematical principles of modern quantitative finance, plus the operational skills to use computational packages (mainly Matlab) for financial modelling.

  • Master in Technology Management

    This MSc will provide you with the knowledge and skills critical to making the right decisions about technology acquisition, exploitation and implementation, and to really make a difference to your organisation, and your own professional development. The modules studied as part of your postgraduate certificate and diploma are designed to progressively develop your knowledge and skills

  • Master in MFA Design Informatics

    Choose Design Informatics and you’ll combine cutting-edge design with information hacking to design products and services that will transform lives.

  • Master in Online and Distance Education

    This masters degree is part of a programme that includes a postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma. These qualifications are presented by The Open University's Institute of Educational Technology and are open to students from countries all over the world.

  • Master in Digital Arts and Design

    While digital technology plays a significant role in all of our postgraduate provision, this MA provides the opportunity to focus on the development of a high level of digital expertise in your chosen area.

  • Master in Big Data and Text Analytics

    Our MSc Big Data and Text Analytics course equips you with the knowledge to contribute to this rapidly emerging area. We give you hands on experience with various types of large-scale data and information handling, and start by providing you with a solid understanding of the underlying technologies, in particular cloud computing and high-performance computing.

  • Master in Data Science

    Barcelona GSE is among the first cutting-edge institutions in the world to offer formal graduate-level training in Data Science. The study program is organized around the following coordinates: Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Optimization, Operational Research, Economics, Finance and Policy Making.