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Computer science deals information about computation, software, hardware and computer systems. The field consists of theoretical and practical approaches. Both of them contribute to research of the main important issues that computer science investigates: IT, which deals with computer and other systems, its development, artificial intelligence and mathematics, software engineering, systems and network engineering. Graduates can work in fields related to: manufacturing of computer and information systems, maintenance and sales of them as well as software and hardware developers, e-business and telecommunication networks experts.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Master in Smart Healthcare

    The Smart Healthcare master aims to educate technologists capable of responding to the new challenges of health management, maximizing the potential of ICT. These technologists must acquire knowledge in different disciplines-primarily Artificial Intelligence, care processes, quality management and standards-in order to respond to current challenges in health services.

  • Master in Computing

    With the ability to carry out an independent research-based project, backed up with a wide range of industry relevant modules, the MSc in Computing allows you to showcase your abilities. You start by studying taught modules, either taking a flexible route so you can choose from our wide choice of industry relevant modules or following a more focused route in a specialist area

  • Master in Master in Cybersecurity

    Con el Master in Cybersecurity, los alumnos potenciarán sus habilidades al adquirir los últimos conocimientos sobre cibercrimen, normativas o fraude online. Con un enfoque práctico y proporcionando tanto capacidades en el área de gestión como en la técnica, este máster inculca al alumno a que llegue a garantizar de forma integral la seguridad de la actividad digital de empresas y organizaciones.

  • Master in Technology and Learning Design

    The way education is designed and delivered is changing. Technology is opening up new models of learning, new channels, new techniques. At the same time, educational material in all its forms has never been so readily available. The challenge is to design the best possible methodologies for delivering it successfully to learners.This Master of Arts in Technology and Learning Design seeks to equip students with the solutions to that very issue.

  • Master in Communication Design: Graphic Design

    Choose Kingston's Communication Design: Graphic Design MA - This course encourages the exploration and understanding of the methods and processes at work in contemporary visual communication, and will further develop your personal practice and approach to graphic design. It focuses on individual research and enquiry and helps you to develop your understanding of the significance of the wider cultural role of the visual designer

  • Master in Information Systems Management

    The evolution of Information Systems (IS) technologies has transformed the way organisations and governments operate. IS solutions help organisations to embrace innovative technologies to achieve strategic and operational competitive advantages. Future managers need to be equipped with new management competencies to deal with the challenges associated with dynamic business environments, which are increasingly dependent on the effective exploitation of IS.

  • Master in Online and Distance Education

    This masters degree is presented by The Open Universitys Institute of Educational Technology and offers a unique opportunity to study the theory and practice of online and distance education through modules designed by experts from the Institute. Working with them, in collaboration with colleagues from around the world, you will be at the forefront of the latest developments as they happen.

  • Master in Systems Thinking in Practice

    This MSc course builds on your diploma studies and provides you with the opportunity to carry out an investigation into an aspect of systems thinking that is of personal or professional interest to you or conduct a more academic in-depth research project. Both routes will enable you to extend your knowledge of recent research in your chosen area and become competent in relevant research methods. It will also develop your capability to plan, organise and carry out an extended independent study at masters level.

  • Master in Technology Management

    This MSc will provide you with the knowledge and skills critical to making the right decisions about technology acquisition, exploitation and implementation, and to really make a difference to your organisation, and your own professional development. The modules studied as part of your postgraduate certificate and diploma are designed to progressively develop your knowledge and skills.

  • Master in Advanced Networking

    This masters degree course consists of a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Networking and an MSc dissertation. The postgraduate diploma consists of four professional vocational modules, which include the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) materials. The postgraduate diploma will provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to install, configure and maintain local and wide area networks.

  • Master in Information Technology (Software Engineering)

    With Walden Universitys M.S. in Information Technology, you can expand your knowledge of technology while gaining the skills to make significant contributions to the field. This program examines the creation, maintenance, and security of information systems so that you can better evaluate alternative information technology approaches to give your organization a competitive advantage. Choose from specializations that allow you to focus your studies on areas that most interest you.

  • Master in Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC)

    The Masters Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change is an innovative and intensive programme which will help you understand, conceptualise and manage the interaction and interdependency between advances in information technologies, management practice and organisational change. ITMOC is a one-year full time postgraduate programme.