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Project management deals with planning, organising, staffing, directing, controlling and securing to achieve the goals within an organisation while taking into account three main pre-defined criteria: time, budget and scope. Project management contributes to processes optimisation and proper resources allocation. The project management discipline combines theories of communication, risk management, finance, business administration and even design.

Students enrolled in a Bachelor or Master degree in project management will learn how to collect and analyse data and prepare various analytical reports, skills required in order to handle all resources and manage budgets for any project within the organisation. Students will develop skills that involve: leadership, effective communication, technical skills. They will learn how to be detail oriented, multi-tasking, good organisers and problem solvers.

Graduates from project management degrees can work in a business field as: project managers, project analysts, industrial production manager, administrative services manager, quality coordinator, work at new product / services development departments or start their own business.

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Suggested Masters in Project Management

M.Sc. Project Management

Continue in your career as you gain the skills to become a highly effective project leader with our fully online MSc in Project Management. Benefit from a flexible approach to learning and from contact with experienced faculty as you apply critical thinking and key concepts from the programme directly in your career.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Project Management (Information Technology)

Advance your career as an expert leader of complex IT projects with this fully online MSc in Project Management with a specialisation in Information Technology. Focusing on real-world contemporary information systems applications, this degree will provide you with both a theoretical framework for successful management of modern Information Systems/Information Technology projects and the tools and techniques for implementation.

United Kingdom
Master Management

Gain a solid grounding in management theory and practice through foundational subjects, including economics, accounting, finance, strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, and management. The Master of Liberal Arts, Management degree from Harvard University consists of 12 graduate courses, three of which you take to gain admission. You study through a combination of on-campus and online courses.

United States