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The future definitely sounds intriguing for Automotive Engineers as they continue to develop the next generation of hybrid cars, while standing at the forefront of innovations like flying or self-driving cars. Automotive Engineering is a sub-field in the Engineering and Technology field involving the design, production and manufacturing of cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles.

Automotive engineers combine tools and methods used in mechanical, electrical, electronic, safety and software engineering, integrating both aesthetic as well as safety features. Within the Automotive Engineering field, you can devote your energy in either the design, the research and development or the production of vehicles and automotive components.

Students who graduate from a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering find career opportunities as:

• Automotive manufacturing engineer
• Automotive technical consultant
• Automotive designer
• Quality assurance manager

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Suggested Masters in Automotive Engineering

M.Sc. Automotive Systems

The technology that powers them is developing faster than ever. Do you want to be a part of these dynamic developments and kick start your career in specialized automotive techology? Sign up and become the next Master of Automotive Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

M.Sc. Automotive Technology

The master's program Automotive Technology offers a program based on a systems approach, providing multidisciplinary knowledge of today's high-tech automotive industry. There are no comparable programs in Europe. The master's program Automotive Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is an outstanding starting point for a successful career.

M.A. Automotive Design

This Automotive Design MA course from Coventry University is suitable for both aspiring practitioners of automotive design and those aiming for design management positions

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

In the modern world of vehicle design and manufacture, companies require engineers who are highly qualified and possess specialised skills. The course proposed here not only addresses the overall design of a vehicle but will also introduce participants to various specialised areas of Automotive Engineering. This degree is offered by Coventry Unversity.

United Kingdom