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M.Sc. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The Master’s programme in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the Chalmers University of Technology takes part in the joint programme Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering. This gives you the opportunity to choose between five universities that are all highly specialised and technologically advanced, and receive a double degree.

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Master Post Master - Communications for Intelligent Transport Systems

The Post Master - Communications for Intelligent Transport Systems degree at EURECOM - Graduate School and Research Center in Communication Systems offers the necessary knowledge required by engineers and managers to design connected cars / connected mobility applications and the related mechanisms to understand the innovations and unique opportunities of the Vehicular Communications industry.

Post Master Degree
M.Sc. Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics

This Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics programme at Linköping University focuses on the integration of IT and telecommunications into transport and logistics systems, with the aim to increase efficiency, safety, mobility and customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact.

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Transport engineering is the application of scientific and technological principles in the planning, functional design, operation and facilities management for any means of transport (road, rail, water and air) in order to provide a safe, fast, comfortable, convenient, economic travel for people and goods. Transport engineering is connected to similar disciplines such as: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace and marine engineering.

The main branches of transport engineering are: traffic engineering, highway engineering, port and harbour engineering, airport engineering, infrastructure engineering. Academic study programmes include topics such as transportation safety and design, urban planning, traffic engineering and simulation, highway traffic operations, public transportation systems.

Transportation engineers apply technological knowledge as well as an understanding of the economic, political, and social factors. They usually work directly with urban planners to ensure that the transportation system contributes to the quality of life of the community. Transport engineering students will obtain fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge to perform engineering calculations, demonstrations and applications using specialised transport engineering software. They will assess interdependencies between transport, urban and regional planning following requirements of sustainable mobility.

Graduates can follow careers in railway companies, public transport companies, local roads administration, research institutes, road and rail traffic design.

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