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Industrial and systems engineering studies methods used in the optimisation of complex engineering systems in order to improve the efficiency of engineering processes and the quality of resulting products. Industrial engineers make use of work force, technologies, materials and financial resources to make sure production processes reach their set targets. They use their technical skills to understand how various engineering structures work and how to apply business knowledge to increase productivity.

Universities offering Bachelors and Masters in industrial and system engineering aim to provide a blend of technical understanding, with lectures in mathematics and physics, as well as in-depth knowledge of management principles. Students can further concentrate their studies in a specific area such as manufacturing systems, logistic and operations research, project management, policy analysis, applied data mining, supply chain and logistic engineering.

Due to the versatility of the industrial engineering field, graduates can practice in various industries such as manufacturing, supply chain optimisation, logistics and transportation, information or communication systems, or construction. Industrial engineers work in diverse sectors handling the divisions of production, quality control, warehousing, maintenance, cost planning, purchasing and even human resources or marketing.

Career positions in industrial and systems engineering include system analyst, operations engineering, risk adviser, manufacturing supervisor, corporate value consultant, process integration specialist or head of operations.

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Suggested Masters in Industrial & Systems Engineering

M.Phil. System Dynamics

The master´s degree in System Dynamics from University of Bergen signifies an ability to analyze how and why things change over time.

M.Sc. Control Systems Engineering

The M.Sc. in Control Systems Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences teaches the fundamentals of mechatronics and manufacturing processes, by focusing on modelling, energy and mass balance, as well as ARMA / ARMAX models. During the Master’s programme you will become accustomed to robotic applications in automation, in steering and tracking devices, and different types of controllers.

M.Eng. Automation and Computing in Industrial Technologies

Automation and Computing in Industrial Technologies course from Technical University of Ostrava is focused to the exploitation of computers and automation of technological processes above all in metallurgical industry by application of knowledge in the field of theory of automated control, integrated computer systems, modern methods of control with exploitation of artificial intelligence and applied informatics and control of technological aggregates and processes.

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