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Computer sciences study theory, design, development and application of software and software systems. Computer sciences follow two main objectives: to design, using specialised methods and techniques, advanced information systems that ensure broad access to information; and to ensure efficient use of all available system resources. Computer sciences include all activities related to the design and operation of automatic data processing systems that help increase the efficiency of human activities. The computer sciences discipline is connected to similar disciplines such as: library and information science and applied mathematics.

There are three main areas in computer sciences: theoretical computer sciences, applied computer sciences and computational /technical sciences.

Main subjects Masters in Computer Sciences focus on include: data structures and algorithms, software engineering, network security, human-computer interaction, neural computation, cloud computing, web application development, and more.

By graduating a Bachelor in Computer Sciences, future professionals achieve a basic understanding of mathematical analysis and logical deductions and gain the ability to research, acquire, use and critically evaluate complex data. Students will develop creativity in solving complex problems through the use of abstract elements and statistical analysis. They will also gain a high attention to details and abilities in recognising versions of the same problem in different settings.

Graduates can follow career opportunities like: game developer, system analyst, system developer, IT consultant, database administrator, configuration specialist, technical analyst, and more.

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Suggested Masters in Computer Sciences

M.Sc. Digital Communication Leadership - Specialization in Aalborg University

The Master in "Digital Communication Leadership - Specialization in Aalborg University" offered by the University of Salzburg and Aalborg University in Copenhagen approaches the vast and recent field of digital communication from an interdisciplinary and international point of view bringing together advanced academic discussion with practical knowledge and skills. The programme promotes a non-techno-deterministic, social and ethical reflection on digital communication for future leaders of the field.

M.Sc. Computer Science

This online or blended learning programme is for students who wish to fit in study with other commitments and not to have to attend the University for timetabled classes or examinations. This Computer Science programme is offered by The University of Hertfordshire.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Distributed Systems and Networks

The MSc Distributed Systems and Networks gives you strong technical expertise and practical skills in designing, managing and evaluating computer networks, distributed systems and system security, helping you develop a highly successful specialism. This Distributed Systems and Networks programme is offered by The University of Hertfordshire.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Computing Science

The rapidly growing power of ICT affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. This raises questions like how to manage and control the complexity of modern software, how to use the increasing amounts of data or how to provide security in the ICT infrastructure. These questions are some of the areas in which the Master’s programme in Computing Science operates. Furthermore, there are six specialisations to choose from: Cyber Security; Data Science; Software Science; Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science; Science, Management and Innovation; or Science in Society.