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IT security is a multidisciplinary field that deals with protecting the availability and integrity of information, as well as the privacy of users, by implementing a wide range of legally sound methods. IT security also ensures national security by implementing prevention and countering techniques for various types of information attacks. Security specialists work to reduce IT infrastructure vulnerabilities by effectively managing a wide range of possible risks and combating cybercrime. IT security is connected to more general disciplines such as: computer science, library and information science, data science and big data, and other technology related areas.

Students may engage in classes covering topics such as: cryptography, system security, hacker tools and techniques, information security policies, data recovery, or computer forensics.

Graduates of IT security programmes should expect to acquire an in- depth understanding of complex issues related to network security software and prevention methods that will lead to developing practical problem-solving skills. In addition to gaining a diverse expertise in the area of computer science, students will develop IT project management skills and will expand their critical thinking abilities. An IT security specialist is able to perform risk assessments and tests on running data processing activities and to decode data transmissions.

Graduates can follow career opportunities like: software developers, website designers, computer systems and network services designers, computer science researchers, security system administrators and more.

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This Network Security Diploma program from University of Winnipeg is offered in partnership with Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT).