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Divided in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to the study, design and development of aircrafts, devices that operate inside Erath’s atmosphere, and space crafts, that operate outside the atmosphere. Studying Aerospace Engineering requires very good knowledge of physics, especially aerodynamics but also fluid mechanics, propulsion, statics and dynamics, mathematics, control engineering, and many others and is generally accepted that it demands way-above-average mental capability. It is also a very interesting and engaging field of study, reserved only the passionate few.

Marine Engineering deals with the study, design and construction of various marine vessels. Marine Engineers are engaged in designing the propulsion systems, auxiliary power machinery and operation equipment. As Marine Engineering student you have the opportunity to specialise in certain types of Marine equipment, such as pumps, engines, gears, etc. A graduate of Marine Engineering possess good knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics, material science and mathematics among others.

Usually for both Aerospace and Marine Engineering an excellent physical condition might be an extra requirement in order to be assigned a job in these fields.

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