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Believe it or not, the work of mechanical engineers can actually make the difference between life and death. After all, mechanical engineers are the ones responsible for the safety features in cars, the development of medical devices, and the maintenance of aircrafts.

Being a mechanical engineer means applying the basic engineering principles and mechanical processes that we need to create the machines and devices we use every day. Mechanical engineering is a broad area that involves the research, design, testing and manufacturing of motor vehicles, aircrafts, healthcare devices, and robots.

Basically, mechanical engineers deal with any machinery that moves or generates motion and energy. As a sub-field of the Engineering and Technology field, Mechanical Engineering requires advanced knowledge of mathematics, problem-solving (combined with creativity) skills, and the ability to prioritize work under pressure.

Students who graduate from a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering can engage in promising careers in any sector of the engineering industry. Apart from automobiles, mechanical engineers of today are involved in:

• Aerospace engineering
• Biomedical engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Energy engineering

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Suggested Masters in Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. Acoustics

The Master's degree in Acoustics is a two-year graduate program offered by the Université de Lyon, in the framework of the Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique, a partnership between the main research teams working in acoustics in Lyon.  The program is coordinated by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Polytech-Lyon, in collaboration with the Insa-Lyon and the ENTPE. 

Master Design of Mechanical Systems

The Master in Design of Mechanical Systems al Aalborg University teaches you how to develop mechanical equipment and machines, from kitchen blenders to wind turbines, following market demands of increased efficiency and functionality. The Master’s programme includes courses on solid mechanics and design of mechanical systems.

Master Mechanical Engineering

This Mechanical Engineering programme at University of the West of Scotland is for engineering graduates aspiring to responsible positions within aerospace, automotive and general mechanical engineering companies. It is also ideal for engineers holding a BEng degree that require a further learning element to qualify for Chartered Engineer registration.

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