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Mathematics is the science of quantity, space and spatial relations, change and structure. It employs theories and methods to discover patterns and formulate laws. Through abstraction and logical reasoning, mathematics is used for counting, calculations and measurements of any kind. This science is very frequently used in day to day life and is essential even for the activity of many other fields. Applied mathematics is focused on the use of mathematical knowledge in other fields like science and engineering, while pure mathematics is concerned with the filed itself. Statistics, game theory and computational mathematics are a few of the disciplines that have evolved from applied mathematics.

A student graduating from mathematics studies will have numeracy skills, knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, good grasp of mathematical concepts and strong deductive reasoning, just to name a few. The graduates can also dedicate themselves to a teaching oriented career, in which they have to combine the mathematics related knowledge with pedagogy skills and convey the knowledge further to students.

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