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Earth sciences has many practical applications for our planet and the surrounding ones. The field of study has a broad view on the environment and focuses on location and development of energy and mineral resources, methods to protect the planet and the protection of communities from environmental events. Many Bachelor’s degrees in earth sciences focus on knowledge of the consequences of human – environment interaction.

Earth sciences degrees are also known as geoscience, including many sub-disciplines: atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, hydrology, oceanography, geodesy, geophysics, geology, mineralogy, glaciology, volcanology, astronomy, etc. With a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences, students can specialize and research one of the world’s most spoken about academic subjects.

Earth sciences graduates can work in many areas, especially geology, environmental science, environmental consultancy firms or governmental institutions. Some of the most popular career options include engineering geologist, geoscientist, environmental consultant or minerals surveyor.

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Suggested Masters in Earth Sciences

M.Sc. Marine Geology and Geophysics

The Master program in Marine Geology and Geophysics consists of acquisition and interpretation of geophysical data (seismic, bathymetry, gravimetric and magnetic measurements) and geological sampling of marine sediments and rocks. Analysis of sediment cores provides insight in composition, origin and age of marine deposits, as well as information on paleo-climate and former ocean currents.

M.Sc. Geodynamics

Geodynamic processes may be studied on three different scales: global, regional and local. Global processes taking place in the Earth's interior are closely linked to geological processes on the Earth's surface, where plate tectonics plays a central role. University of Bergen offers the MS in Geodynamics programme.