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European law can be classified as supranational, international, European or national. European regional law can apply to: Eastern European law, Central and Eastern European law, Baltic law, Southern European law, Nordic law, Western European law. European Union Law is a set of legislations and treaties that deals with policies of European Union member states, including constitutional law and the EU competition law. This law is introduced by European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

During a Bachelor’s course or Master’s degree in European law, students have an insightful view on treaties and conflict of laws, human rights and remedies for breaches, consumer protection and organizational competition law and other aspects that target countries.

European law studies offer an overall look on countries and states in an international context and, also, a deep analysis of European Union’s structure. Graduates can apply their knowledge with careers as lawyers or legal consultants at the European Union, in state agencies or even in private companies. As a result, European law graduates have significant flexibility in choosing a country they want to practice in.

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Suggested Masters in European Law

L.L.M. European Union Law and Policy

The European Union Law and Policy programme at the Riga Graduate School of Law is designed to promote highly qualified experts with knowledge of both European Union law and policy issues preparing for the work in national and international environments.

Master Master of Studies

The ELGS Master of Studies is a 1-year degree program which enables students to conduct independent research in the fields of Legal Research, Governance Studies, or on an interdisciplinary topic. The program is supported by the expansive ELGS Int'l Faculty network of 100+ legal & governance scholars & practitioners worldwide, the Partner Universities across Europe and the world, and the EPLO.

L.L.M. European Union Law and Governance

The purpose of the European Union Law and Governance programme from Mykolas Romeris University is to prepare highly qualified professionals of EU law and governance, who have abilities of conceptual thinking, identifying the problems of EU legal regulation as well as the tendencies for the development of EU law and policy and suggesting motivated solutions on various problems of implementation of EU law and of EU governance.