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Applied mathematics is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the application of mathematics to practical problems in physical sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering or business. Applied mathematics can include different mathematical branches such as mathematics of engineering, linear programming, continuous modelling, numerical analysis, statistics, information theory, game theory, etc.

Applied mathematics degrees involve both in-depth mathematical understanding and basic knowledge of other subjects, depending on the chosen area of expertise. Colleges and universities offer a great number of specialisations: mathematical biology, combinatorics, mathematical finance, applied analysis, topography, computational neuroscience, probability, risk and statistics, and many more.

Besides mathematical knowledge and analytical reasoning, students will need knowledge of problem-formulation and problem-solving techniques, good work management skills, a high capacity to conceptualise and to communicate results and arguments.

Graduates of Bachelors or Masters in Applied Mathematics have the opportunity to develop careers in many fields and working environments including education and academic research, technology services or the pharmaceutics industry. They can also work in engineering, programming, finance, business, or they can provide services for non-profit organizations, corporations or governmental institutions.

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Suggested Masters in Applied Mathematics

Master Programming Technologies for Intel Computing Platforms

The Programming Technologies for Intel Computing Platforms program at Samara National Research University is implemented in conjunction with Intel Corporation – a leading developer and manufacturer of chips, platforms, IT and operating systems, and the integral components of server, network and communications products for the IT systems and technologies field.

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

The Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente teaches how to grasp the essence of a problem and to see links between seemingly unrelated phenomena, using mathematical models. This Master’s programme is as much about attitude and motivation as it is about pure mathematics, with lectures in Applied Functional Analysis, Optimal Control and Applied Finite Elements.

M.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics

When you study Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Helsinki, some of the best mathematicians and statisticians in the world will be your instructors. Studies in this Master’s programme will give you a solid basis for maths and statistics applications. Graduates of this Master’s programme find employment as researchers, teachers, and in demanding expert posts in the public and private sectors in Finland and abroad.