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Applied mathematics deals with a wide range of disciplines in different areas, as science, technology, business and industry. Applied mathematics aims to solve practical problems using mathematical methods and models, such as materials analysis and processing, weather forecasting, financial services, network management and many more tasks. Applied mathematics can include mathematical disciplines such as mathematics of engineering, linear programming, continuous modeling, numerical analysis, statistics, information theory, game theory, etc.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Big Data

    The demand for skills in the field of high-dimensional data processing, otherwise known as Big Data, is increasing dramatically worldwide, yet academic programs for this are still quite rare. The Master of Science in Big Data offered by ENSAI meets the very important need among corporations and organizations of all kinds for graduate-level training nearly non-existent in academic offerings on the French, European, and even international scale.

  • Master in Analytics

    Building from a core in applied statistics, the MS in Analytics provides students with advanced analytical training to develop their ability to draw insights from big data, including: data collection, preparation and integration; statistical methods and modeling; and other sophisticated techniques for analyzing complex data.

  • Master in Applied Mathematics

    These guidelines are intended to help familiarize graduate students in the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Applied Mathematics program with the policies governing this degree program. All the guidelines apply to both the on-campus M.Sc. degree and the on-line M.Sc. degree, unless otherwise specified.

  • Master in Master of Science (Research)

    This program provides opportunities for motivated and highly qualified students to undertake advanced study and to produce a research-based dissertation. Students will develop appropriate research skills and specialist area knowledge that will enhance their career prospects or allow them to proceed to further appropriate higher degree studies.

  • Master in Statistics

    The Department of Statistics offers Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Statistics. The graduate program is structured around three core course sequences that introduce students to the science of data: theoretical statistics, data analysis, and statistical computing. This balance reflects the scale and complexity of problems that statisticians are now routinely called to address. As with the undergraduate program, the interest of faculty members in various application areas weaves itself throughout the graduate offerings.

  • Master in Applied Mathematics & Statistics

    Applied mathematics and statistics is an integral part of emerging fields such as computational medicine/biology, language processing, information security, and computer science. In today’s data-intensive world, it is used to answer questions and solve problems in areas as diverse as finance, government and law, medicine, and national defense.

  • Master in Applied Mathematics

    This academic program, for students registered in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, emphasizes applied mathematics research in nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics, and scientific computation, with a current emphasis on geophysical, biophysical, and plasma physics applications.

  • Master in Data Science

    The Data Science Institute at Columbia University is developing technology to unlock the power of global data to help solve some of society's most challenging problems. It will develop the tools and talent to monitor and protect the critical infrastructure we depend upon, improve societal health and patient care, enhance communication and interactions within communities, predict financial failures, and keep personal data safe.

  • Master in Applied and Computational Mathematics

    The Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics is the sole graduate degree offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and as such, the graduate faculty and their research projects are highly accessible to students in the program. The two-year program is intended to provide a sound academic basis for careers in the natural, environmental, biomedical, and managerial science, as well as in engineering and in areas of research and development related to technology.