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Agriculture and forestry include sciences related to the study of animal and plant life and the management of resources cultivated and produced in these environments.

Agriculture degrees study the cultivation of soil for the growing of plants, fungi and animals, meant for human consumption and use. Agriculture studies deal with sub-fields such as agribusiness, agro-economics, agronomy, farming, animal husbandry, or agronomy.

Forestry refers to the study of forest ecosystems and their creation, management and conservation. Students of degrees in forestry learn sustainable solutions to lumber usage, as a limited valuable resource. Bachelors in Forestry include information about the harmful effects of human and non-human activities on forests and forest habitats.

Both disciplines focus on the management of resources, while conserving and protecting the natural environment. They make use of elements related to the fields of biology, physics, social sciences, as well as political and managerial sciences.

Careers in agriculture and forestry cover a wide range of occupations including: agricultural consultant, arboriculture expert, commercial horticulturist, ecologist, environmental consultant, farm manager, forest manager, land-based engineer, marine scientist, soil scientist.

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Suggested Masters in Agriculture & Forestry

M.Sc. Aquaculture Biology

The goal of the Aquaculture Biology specialization at University of Bergen is to give a theoretical basis and practical experience for understanding the biological principles in aquatic food production.

M.Sc. Fisheries Biology and Management

The aim of the Fisheries Biology and Management specialization offered by University of Bergen is to give post graduate students a comprehensive insight into the discipline fisheries biology with emphasis on how to conserve living aquatic resources while securing a sustainable yield. This includes a solid understanding of the internal and external drivers that determine fish dynamics.

M.Sc. Marine Biology

The specialization Marine Biology at University of Bergen aims to educate marine biologists with a general overview and knowledge about: key processes and typical patterns in the marine ecosystem, flora and fauna characteristics to marine habitats, marine organisms - their biology and ecology, and the most common research methods within field-based, experimental and theoretical oriented research of marine ecosystems.

M.Sc. Applied Animal Behaviour & Animal Welfare

The Master of Science in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare at The University of Edinburgh offers insights on important issues and challenges in animal welfare. The Master’s degree combines theory with practical experience and you will analyse and understand animal behaviour by visiting local zoos, labs and farms and gain practical knowledge from leading animal welfare organisations.

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