More information about the Social Work discipline

Social Work is a field of study preoccupied with the quality of life, individual and community well-being. It researches about human and community development, social policy and administration, human interaction, interaction with the environment, the influence and manipulation of biological and psychological factors. It combines theory from different other fields such as sociology, medicine, psychology, philosophy, politics and economics in order to enable complete understanding and shaping power over the social mechanisms of any kind. Professionally, social workers are organised in bodies of different size and impact from local to international and focus on providing help to individuals or communities suffering from poverty, lack of opportunities or information, social injustice, persecution, abuse or violation of rights.

Graduates of Social Work studies can practice their profession as soon as they are awarded a license or are professionally registered. The professional activity of social workers is usually structured as social, political or economic research, advocacy, community development, social welfare analysis and implementation, counselling or even social case solving.

Suggested Study Programmes