More information about the Design discipline

The notion of design is very broad. Design refers to defining the particularities of a certain object or concept, shape, size, colour, environment, costs, functionalities, utility, constraints, etc. Design sets out to describe a certain product in a very detailed, understandable and practical manner. Design is often the step before execution and serves as base for the actual creation of the product in question.

The designer is the person performing the action of design and can be subordinate to several, very different fields of activity such as: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Game Design, Interactional Design, Service Design, Product Design or Process Design. The use and attributes of Design as profession are becoming more and more diversified and are nowadays present in many different business sectors, from architecture and civil engineering, to organizational and human behaviour, making the designer a vital, integrated part of any modern enterprise. Thus the study of design becomes also much more complex, encompassing diverse methods and approaches and shaping the designer generation of the years to come.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Art Directing for Fashion

    This research-based program introduces creative thinking processes through a non-linear methodology embracing curiosity, intuition and perception. The course is visionary yet practical, embracing all possible concepts within six interconnected areas of study: Craft, Calligraphy, Body, Dress, Imagery, and Space.

  • Master in Technology and Learning Design

    The way education is designed and delivered is changing. Technology is opening up new models of learning, new channels, new techniques. At the same time, educational material in all its forms has never been so readily available. The challenge is to design the best possible methodologies for delivering it successfully to learners.This Master of Arts in Technology and Learning Design seeks to equip students with the solutions to that very issue.

  • Master in Luxury Business

    Luxury Business - The philosophy of this advanced program is based on the creation of small class sizes ensuring a high level of instruction and interaction throughout. Limited numbers are also necessary due to the advanced level research and project based nature of instruction.

  • Master in Shoe & Bag Collection Design

    Accessory designers enhance silhouettes by adding their creative style signature to a contemporary collection. Shoes and bags emphasize a look and help to create the right mood; they often indicate cultural and social status and must be practical, resilient and durable.

  • Master in Fashion Enterprise

    If you have a design background and want to become an entrepreneur by starting up a business from your own product idea or collection, if you have an economic background and want to become intrapreneur by heading up specific projects for fashion companies - before maybe opting for a permanent job, or if you have a family business to take forward, this master program is for you.

  • Master in Collection Design

    This master’s programme is aimed at designers, who wish to develop their personal style in creating a fashion collection and their own business or brand. A highly specialised intensive programme, based on the fundamentals for achieving success in Fashion Design: creativity, assurance of expression, attention to individual cultural development, and passion for research.

  • Master in Environment Design

    Ravensbourne’s MA Environment Design is designed to help students testing and illustrating interior and exterior design opportunities and constraints through drawings and models. The MA Environment Design course gives young professionals the skills and knowledge they need successfully to develop and sell their individual spatial design ideas.

  • Master in Communication Design

    Ravensbourne’s MA Communication Design gives recent graduates and professionals working in the creative industries a clear career advantage in an increasingly competitive employment marketplace. It provides an environment that facilitates the in-depth study of a subject specialism whilst also maximising the opportunity for engagement and collaboration with a wider range of creative disciplines and a broader postgraduate academic community.

  • Master in Fashion

    Ravensbourne’s MA Fashion course is a forward-looking course that has cross-fertilisation and collaboration at its core. The course focuses on the importance of conceptual and commercial research and critical analysis. Ultimately, we foster a creative and entrepreneurial culture that consists of professional thinkers who are dynamic, informed and pro-active.

  • Master in Lighting Design

    The distance learning programme Master Architectural Lighting and Design Management will be offered by the University Wismar - University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design. The aim of the long distance course is to comprehensively train lighting designers. The highly regarded qualifications and skills gained through this degree, offer graduates the opportunity to work in many relating fields. The central capability of a lighting designer, regardless of dealing with daylight or artificial light, is to design the interactions between architecture and light.