More information about the Design discipline

The notion of design is very broad. Design refers to defining the particularities of a certain object or concept, shape, size, colour, environment, costs, functionalities, utility, constraints, etc. Design sets out to describe a certain product in a very detailed, understandable and practical manner. Design is often the step before execution and serves as base for the actual creation of the product in question.

The designer is the person performing the action of design and can be subordinate to several, very different fields of activity such as: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Game Design, Interactional Design, Service Design, Product Design or Process Design. The use and attributes of Design as profession are becoming more and more diversified and are nowadays present in many different business sectors, from architecture and civil engineering, to organizational and human behaviour, making the designer a vital, integrated part of any modern enterprise. Thus the study of design becomes also much more complex, encompassing diverse methods and approaches and shaping the designer generation of the years to come.

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