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Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a larger category of disciplines that has given rise to a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sports Management, Hospitability Management, Culinary Arts, Event Management and Tourism & Leisure. This is one of the most exhilarating disciplines, focusing on destinations and curiosities, and built for those who have a flare for trivia and the “tourist with a ragged guide and a camera” vibe

With so many havens to visit, and new places yet to be discovered, it’s no surprise that Hospitality, Leisure & Sports continues growing and welcoming students worldwide.

Considering you will have to deal with people and pertinent questions, like “Why were so many famous Civil War battles were fought on National Park Sites?”, you will need people-oriented skills, as well as a feel for current trends and technical competencies.

The careers graduates can aspire in this field are:

• Travel Agent
• Hotel and Resort Staff
• Tour Guides
• Restaurant Manager
• Transportation Professional

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Suggested Masters in Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

M.B.A. Executive Tourism Strategic Management

Globalisation and technological advances are bringing the world closer. Competitiveness and efficient management in a multicultural environment, adaptation to changing business environments and the needs of varying markets are the keys to success. The Tourism Strategic Management MBA is delivered by Turiba University.

M.B.A. Global Hospitality and Tourism

This Master of Business Administration or MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management is good for: graduates who wish to further their study, those who wish to become entrepreneurs and start their own hospitality and tourism business, those switching from other industries, and for those who wish to advance their career and assume more senior roles in their organisations.

M.Sc. Sports Industry Management

If you want to develop all it takes to start a successful career in the international sports industry, then Sports Industry Management - Fully Taught in English at emlyon business school is the right programme for you!

Master Hospitality Management

The Master’s in Hospitality Management offered at the UCAM - "Catholic University of Murcia" is intended for people with a great capacity for management of equipment and who have the necessary attitude to solve complex problems through creative decision-making, oriented to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


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