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Cultural Studies is a cross-disciplinary field that sets out to research, understand and describe the ways in which humans develop meaning for the world around them. It researches the practices, beliefs, customs, behaviour, values, art forms, etc. of human societies from all times, since antiquity until today.

With various focus points, the Cultural Studies field provides potential students with a wide choice of study. Having the possibility to focus on any meaningful artefact of culture, students can tackle: history, literature, film, photography, fashion, politics and much more. Combining theoretical research with practical insight, a professional of this filed is able to describe the consequences and influences of culture on the individual and societal behaviour and perception.

Having the knowledge of understanding of diverse ethical models and behaviour patterns and trends, a graduate of this discipline can be a key asset to the field of marketing for example. Public and private consultancy is another professional area in which graduates can become active.

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