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Area studies comprise all fields of a society from a certain geographic spot. Research in this field usually involves social sciences combined with humanities, with aspects such as the diaspora community and emigration. Meanwhile, cultural studies focus on perspectives and practices in certain cultures from Asian, African, American or Latin regions, and pay a special attention to ideology, class structures, ethnics, generations and other important factors.

Students in a Bachelor’s programme in area and cultural studies can choose an international university and specialize in one of the main civilizations or study abroad and learn more about the roots of that local culture. Students will develop international cultural sensibilities, an open mind to what makes a culture unique, but also similar to others, as well as find new ways of effective communication.

Area and cultural studies is a discipline that constantly blends theory with research, in order to understand the meaning that humans give to the world around them. Graduates have high chances of becoming analysts of the society, sociologists, marketing specialists, teachers or lecturers, in the public or private environment.

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Suggested Masters in Area & Cultural Studies

M.A. Intercultural Communication

The Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Communication at University of Jyväskylä is a two-year interdisciplinary course focusing on intercultural communication theory and practice. Through this approach, students consider the cultural implications of the ongoing changes in how people from differing cultural backgrounds interact with each other. In the programme, students focus on various approaches to intercultural communication.

M.A. Heritage Management

The MA in Heritage Management at the Athens University of Economics and Business is an intensive three semester (one and a half academic year) postgraduate programme which uniquely combines the worlds of archaeology and business and is taught in Athens at Eleusina, an area of world-class archaeological significance.

Master Cultural Policy

The Master's Degree Programme in Cultural Policy at the University of Jyväskylä provides students with analytical knowledge of the social, economic and political dimensions of arts and culture. The internationally reputed staff provides top-level education together with the cutting-edge international scholars visiting the programme every year.

Master European and Chinese Business Management

In the globalized world of today, mutual intercultural understanding is of utmost importance when doing business. The Master of Advanced Studies in European and Chinese Business Management jointly offered by University of Zurich and New Huadu Business School Switzerland addresses this well-known fact by offering both theoretical and on the ground knowledge on general management in a Chinese and European context.