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Art is the most profound expression of the human creativity. The artist chooses his/her own rules and working parameters and thus art is the result of the choice of a particular medium, set of rules for using this medium and set of values that determine what is worth expressing through that medium in order to transmit a feeling, idea or sensation. Through this manifestation, art can also be considered as a form of exploration and knowledge gathering.

Art can be divided into several forms like: plastic art – painting, sculpting, architecture, graphic, etc, dramatic art – theatre, dance, choreography, cinematography, musical art – vocal music, instrumental music, literature – epic, dramatic, lyric and many other forms.

Art History is an auxiliary branch of History science that researches the evolution of art throughout history. From this perspective, art can be classified by position in time in: prehistoric art, ancient art, medieval art and modern art. The study opportunities for a potential student of this field are enormous and so are the specialization possibilities, as each of the above mentioned sections comprises countless sub-sections.

An arts degree opens up a broad range of opportunities and it is up to the student to decide what narrower area he/she would like to focus on. The Bureau of Labour Statistics is forecasting employment growth in this sector, especially in teaching positions.

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