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Film represents the final product of the cinematographic art and industry. Film industry can be divided into two sectors: film production and film distribution. The value of a film is usually assessed by film critics. This art manifestation is possible through the understanding and combination of physics, optics, electrotechnic, electronics and chemistry even.

Dating back to 1880, films have evolved over the past century and a half into one of the most popular forms of entertainment. That is why the film industry is a growing employment sector that offers various types of jobs from acting, directing and producing to editing, design and special effects and even translation and adaption.

Theatre on the other hand is a much older form of art, dating back to antiquity. Based on drama, a particular type of fiction that is to be depicted in human performance, theatre is a complex art that combines different elements to transmit a certain feeling, idea or state to the audience. This can be achieved through the text of the theatrical play and also through music, dance or mimic.

Theatrical production involves the effort of a team, most of it not visible to the spectator, like technicians, make-up artists, choreographers, costume designers and many others.

Studying Film and Theatre requires approaching the two art forms from an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international perspective. A student of this discipline manages to understand the manifestation and evolution of film and theatre and the factors that influence that. A career in this filed can mean anything from the popular view of the actor-star to very technical jobs such as lighting expert.

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