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Film represents the final product of the cinematographic art and industry. This form of art borrows elements from disciplines including acting, human resource management, creative writing, visual arts, animation, covering the different stages of creating a movie from casting, directing, producing, editing and delivering the final product. Some courses in film also study technical aspects of film and photo creation using specialised equipment.

Photography is the art, science or technique of attaching an image to a sensitive surface through the action of light or other electromagnetic radiation, using a converging lens. Photos used to be produced in a darkroom and were reproduced by copying the negative on which the image was printed. Modern equipment stores photographs in digital formats that can be transferred on various devices and can be edited using specialised software.

Topics covered by programmes in film, photography and media include: photojournalism, commercial photography, film interpretation, documentary films, Hollywood cinema through history, and more.

Students of film, photography and media programmes understand the evolution of media arts and the factors that influenced them, as well as their effect on society. They will develop a good photographic eye, secrets of the trade and knowledge of the film industry and of movie-production.

The film, photography and media industry are growing employment sectors that offer various types of jobs in acting, directing, freelance-photography, camera operating, film/video editing and more.

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Suggested Masters in Film, Photography & Media

M.A. Film Studies

Film Studies at the University of Southampton is well-established, having been running for 15 years. The MA programme is a solid and challenging degree course, one of the most distinctive features of the programme is its emphasis on the transnational and global perspectives on cinema.

United Kingdom
M.A. Film and Television

The Film and Television programme at Bahçesehir University aims to provide the students the theoretical background, culture, education and skills for creating and analyzing fiction and non-fiction audio-visual products which can be featured in cinema and television media.

M.A. Documentary and Factual

This MA Documentary and Factuall course from the Met Film School focuses on the creative, technical and industry skills you need to develop documentaries and factual programming across the contemporary media landscape. We will teach you how to film reality from a variety of perspectives, understanding and sometimes challenging traditional interpretations of the documentary and its delivery.

United Kingdom